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#10040 not saving defect highest ftp 6.2
#10044 UNABLE TO QUEUE TRANSFERS: Single Connection Setting Not Working KiddBarba defect highest core 6.2.2
#10099 Changes not being saved defect highest core 6.2.6
#10035 S3 Bucket: Can't see my folders defect high s3 6.2
#8568 Interoperability with cn-north-1 dkocher defect normal s3 4.6.4
#9928 Support for Team Drives feature of G Suite dkocher enhancement normal googledrive 5.4.3
#10020 Unable to upload files with ftps dkocher defect normal ftp-tls 6.1
#10032 Upload won't stop defect normal s3 6.2
#10036 S3 permissions for overwriten files enhancement normal s3 6.2
#10038 Major memory usage problem dkocher defect normal core 6.2
#10045 Issues when Quitting Cyberduck on MacOS Sierra defect normal core 6.2.2
#10059 Transfer window does not update for transfer speed and data volume defect normal core 6.2.2
#10067 Connections limit is not limiting defect normal core 6.2.3
#10083 Saving file does not always upload to server defect normal core 6.2.6
#10101 Cannot delete S3 "folders" dkocher defect normal s3 6.2.6
#10104 Scaling on high DPI displays enhancement normal interface 6.2.6
#10110 Login failure with Ceph 12.2 sherwinwangs defect normal s3 Nightly Build
#10118 Error when folder names contain blanks jmalek defect normal onedrive 6.2.10
#10120 Unable to set custom host for S3 bookmark dkocher defect normal s3 6.2.11
#10122 Cannot set custom server for Amazon S3 connection defect normal core 6.2.11
#10127 Missing modification date from src_last_modified_millis metadata for downloaded folder dkocher defect normal b2 6.2.10
#10133 Open Connection > Amazon S3 Doesn't Allow Custom S3 Servers Anymore defect normal s3 6.2.10
#9711 Support Manta Object Store dkocher feature low core 5.1
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