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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#285 Folders for bookmarks dkocher enhancement high interface 2.8.3
#8880 Authentication using AWS AssumeRole and GetSessionToken with AWS STS dkocher feature high s3 4.7
#10079 Does not upload edited files when more than two files are opened dkocher defect high core 6.2.6
#10196 Out of memory when uploading large file dkocher defect high onedrive 6.3.4
#10349 FTP response 421 received dkocher defect high cli 6.6.1
#10352 Cyberduck CLI not using cryptomator vault dkocher defect high cli 6.5.0
#10076 Quick Connect dropdown menu limited to single entry dkocher defect normal interface 6.2.6
#10103 403: User Rate Limit Exceeded when uploading many files dkocher defect normal googledrive 6.2.6
#10222 Support 2FA dkocher feature normal s3 6.3.4
#10354 Failure accessing vault in Google Drive dkocher defect normal cryptomator 6.6.1
#10370 https Web URL doesnt reflect bookmark setting dkocher defect normal openstack 6.5.0
#10375 Fixing support of "Keep only the last version of the file" Backblaze B2 lifecycle dkocher defect normal b2 6.6.2

Status: closed (13 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#10164 Crashing defect highest core 6.2.10
#10181 hidden configuration option error dkocher defect high cloudfiles 6.3.1
#10246 Crash connecting to BigCommerce defect high appstore 6.4.1
#9804 Provide Windows Linux Subsystem Bash Support enhancement normal core 5.2.2
#10126 B2 upload incomplete cycle error defect normal b2 6.2.11
#10135 Invert selection in file view enhancement normal interface 6.2.10
#10160 CLI credentials for Google Cloud Storage feature normal cli 6.3.1
#10166 Keyboard shortcut to copy HTTPS URL doesn't work defect normal core 6.3.1
#10174 Display Google Photos feature normal googledrive 6.3.1
#10228 It keeps crashing defect normal core 6.3.4
#10277 None of my downloads are completing defect normal core 6.4.1
#10319 Cyberduck crashes very often defect normal core 6.5.0
#10384 Info panel for B2 file shows S3 tab instead defect normal b2 Nightly Build

Status: new (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#10402 S3 CloudFront Support Links not able to be created defect highest cloudfront 6.6.2
#10178 Crash when reloading directory in browser defect high core 6.3.2
#9792 Uploads not triggered for filename with quotes yla defect normal core 5.2.2
#9907 Does not save files from editor after timeout defect normal core 5.4
#10031 Upload file resume is not supported jmalek enhancement normal onedrive 6.2
#10115 Only document library is shown when connecting to SharePoint Online jmalek enhancement normal onedrive 6.2.6
#10291 Interoperability with Onedrive Business Germany jmalek enhancement normal onedrive 6.4.4
#10348 Support for Dark Mode (macOS 10.14) feature normal core 6.6.1
#10367 Strange part of widget in preferences yla defect normal interface 6.6.1
#9760 Download failure when filename contains # character yla defect low core 5.2.2

Status: reopened (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#4498 Segmented downloads with multiple connections per file dkocher enhancement normal core 4.5.2
#7045 Edit → Copy URL → HTTP URL cannot be used via Keyboard shortcut. Custom shortcut fails. dkocher defect normal interface 4.2.1
#10009 Reading temporary credentials from .aws/credentials dkocher feature normal s3 6.1
#10259 Files only displayed after resizing window when expanding folder in browser defect normal core 6.4.1
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