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#9552 Transfer incomplete dkocher defect high b2 6.3.2
#9988 Save passwords in Credential Manager jmalek enhancement normal core 6.0.1
#9994 Invalid progress for upload Steve Luckett defect normal s3 6.0.1
#10106 Documentation for Cryptomator usage with Cyberduck CLI yla enhancement normal cryptomator 6.2.6
#10142 CommunicationObjectFaultedException jmalek defect highest interface 6.2
#10170 Expect header included in the list of the SignedHeaders for AWS4 signature dkocher enhancement normal s3 6.3.1
#10171 Missing implementation of timestamp feature to set modification date on uploaded files jmalek defect normal onedrive 6.3.1
#10173 Does not recognize Cryptomator vault dkocher defect normal cli 6.3.1
#10193 FTP doesn't connect defect highest ftp 6.3.4
#10194 Support for OCI Object Storage dkocher enhancement normal s3 6.3.4
#10198 New Update and Keeps crashing defect highest core 6.3.4
#10201 CLI Google Drive --existing file management dkocher defect normal googledrive 6.3.4
#10203 S3 AWS2 algoritm not allowed any more dkocher defect high s3 6.3.4
#10204 Freezes in High Sierra defect normal core 6.3.4
#10207 Support for eu-west-3 feature normal s3 6.3.4
#10210 Delete fails with Google Team Drive file or folder defect normal googledrive 6.3.4
#10214 Reloading directory after enabling "Auto detect" in preferences does not ask to unlock vault defect normal cryptomator 6.3.4
#10216 Change character encoding from menu does not work dkocher defect normal core 6.3.4
#10217 Profiles using AWS Signature Version 4 can cause AuthenticationHeaderSignatureVersion exceptions dkocher defect normal s3 6.3.4
#10219 Spinning wheel on transfer defect high core 6.3.4
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