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#10079 Does not upload edited files when more than two files are opened assigned dkocher defect high 7.0
#10178 Crash when reloading directory in browser new defect high 7.0
#10369 CyberDuck keeps crashing. Win 10 new defect high
#133 Kerberos Support assigned dkocher feature normal
#222 Delete orphan files when synchronizing new dkocher enhancement normal
#4498 Segmented downloads with multiple connections per file reopened dkocher enhancement normal 7.0
#5330 Drag to Windows UNC folder fails new yla enhancement normal
#9367 Show checksums and remote identity for completed file transfers new enhancement normal
#9792 Uploads not triggered for filename with quotes new yla defect normal 7.0
#9873 Crashing when reading private keys from Keychain (macOS) new defect normal
#9881 Add support for port knocking to open SSH/SFTP port new enhancement normal
#9907 Does not save files from editor after timeout new defect normal 7.0
#9940 Support for Azure File Storage new feature normal
#10005 Add support for MediaFire new feature normal
#10065 Provide Windows Linux Subsystem Bash Support new enhancement normal
#10163 Passwords not saved or read from keychain reopened dkocher defect normal 7.0
#10169 File not found (MacOS Error code: -43) when attempting to download file already found on local disk new defect normal
#10185 Menu with list of editors not showing up correctly new defect normal
#10209 Window is always pushed back by other windows on screen new defect normal
#10213 Extremely sluggish UI responsiveness new zeevg defect normal
#10235 support through their API (WebDAV doesn't work with 2FA) new feature normal
#10259 Files only displayed after resizing window when expanding folder in browser reopened defect normal 7.0
#10265 Error listing directory SendTo on local disk new jmalek defect normal
#10270 Changing columns width works like crazy new jmalek defect normal
#10283 Ghost Window impossible to select and close new defect normal
#10288 Cyberduck keeps autoscrolling to the top. new defect normal
#10296 Update fails with error while extracting the archive new defect normal
#10301 Feature for scheduling file transfers for all transfer methods. new feature normal
#10304 timeout fehler beim download new brodbdie defect normal
#10311 Preference to set custom bookmark location new enhancement normal
#10312 Files with leading ! in filename new defect normal
#10320 Always starting FTP session with deactivated option in settings new defect normal
#10322 File row height new enhancement normal
#10325 Cyberduck CLI behind proxy on Windows (user environment variables) new enhancement normal
#10326 Edit Bookmark Grayed Out new virtualdiablo defect normal
#10332 speed differences between Mac and Windows new defect normal
#10333 Old files still show after deleting new defect normal
#10340 Up to now, I can not use CyberDuck to login anywebsite new C.K. Hsieh defect normal
#10347 CyberDuck uploads are always "incomplete" the first time new defect normal
#10348 Support for Dark Mode (macOS 10.14) new defect normal 7.0
#10362 Gdrive encrypted folder delete not possible new defect normal
#10364 Uploading errors "File not found" new defect normal
#10365 Upload progress indicator incorrect? new defect normal
#10370 https Web URL doesnt reflect bookmark setting new defect normal
#10371 Cyberduck incorrectly assumes ETag and MD5 are equivalent for S3 new defect normal
#10373 The request signature we calculated does not match - only with one folder within a bucket new defect normal
#3304 Add file comparison in transfer prompt new dkocher enhancement low
#5368 Support for Samba (SMB) protocol reopened feature low
#6061 Linux Version new yla feature low
#7076 Store bookmarks in cloud service new enhancement low
#7213 Save workspace does not work for multiple browser sessions to the same server reopened dkocher enhancement low
#8969 Disable updater when installed using Chocolatey package manager new yla enhancement low
#9111 Support WebHDFS assigned dkocher feature low
#9353 Option to increase number of connections beyond 9 new enhancement low
#9675 Display total time and average speed for transfer new enhancement low
#9685 True SSH Support new feature low
#9718 Read only option for bookmark new enhancement low
#9719 Labels for bookmarks new enhancement low
#9760 Download failure when filename contains # character new yla defect low 7.0
#9874 Preferences option to clear transfers on program close assigned dkocher enhancement low
#10090 Remote rename of several files new feature low
#10092 Support for C14 new feature low
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