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#285 Folders for bookmarks assigned dkocher enhancement high 7.0
#8540 Favorite Folders reopened enhancement high
#5490 Compact view of items in transfer window new dkocher enhancement normal
#6140 View only changed files in synchronization prompt assigned dkocher enhancement normal
#6294 View files in a transfer queue new dkocher enhancement normal
#7045 Edit → Copy URL → HTTP URL cannot be used via Keyboard shortcut. Custom shortcut fails. reopened dkocher defect normal 7.0
#8961 Support Windows display scaling new jmalek enhancement normal 7.0
#9726 Drag & drop of file includes previously selected file new dkocher enhancement normal
#9951 Navigating up in upload file browse dialog breaks folder selection new yla defect normal
#10063 Activity Form (Windows) new feature normal
#10064 Cascade new browser windows new enhancement normal
#10076 Quick Connect dropdown menu limited to single entry assigned dkocher defect normal 7.0
#10100 Window will not stay on top when clicked from taskbar new defect normal
#10329 Copy URL menu can potentially freeze application when multiple files are selected new defect normal
#10367 Strange part of widget in preferences new defect normal
#5054 Remember navigated paths assigned dkocher enhancement low
#5995 List folders first, files after by default new yla enhancement low
#5999 Provide breadcrumbs to navigate path in browser new yla enhancement low
#9975 Empty password is not saved in keychain new enhancement low
#10066 Use dropdown menu for download folder selection new enhancement low
#10366 Paste in Windows Explorer leaves a temporary hidden file new defect low
#9190 Hovering the path dropdown should show the full path as a tooltip new yla enhancement lowest
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