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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#10358 Request entity too large upload error assigned dkocher defect highest 7.0
#8880 Authentication using AWS AssumeRole and GetSessionToken with AWS STS assigned dkocher feature high 7.0
#10357 S3 not updating correctly new defect high
#9650 Support pre-signed URLs for CloudFront endpoints new enhancement normal
#10222 Support 2FA assigned dkocher feature normal 7.0
#10278 Optimize Checksum Calculation new dkocher enhancement normal
#10292 Server hostname changes resulting DNS failure new dkocher defect normal
#10335 Freezing with large AWS S3 folders new defect normal
#10341 Copying file does not preserve Content-Type new dkocher defect normal
#5364 Defaults for metadata reopened dkocher enhancement low
#8624 Set Content-Type header manually for uploads new dkocher enhancement low
#9619 Interoperability with backslash (\) in key name new enhancement low
#9914 Invalid signature for path with * new dkocher defect low
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