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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#10383 Please refund new defect normal
#10385 Missing and duplicated files in list assigned dkocher defect normal
#10389 ftp:// and sftp:// handler changes don't stick new defect normal
#10391 Cannot close transfer window after failed upload new defect normal
#10392 Out of memory error when uploading larger files new defect normal 6.7.0
#10393 Terminal Cyberduck for Windows new defect normal
#10395 Error "The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided" when opening a large folder new dkocher defect normal 6.7.0
#10399 Put the Copy and Paste Options in PopMenu. new defect normal
#10401 Disabling caching of downloaded files for QuickLook new enhancement normal
#15 Change file owner assigned dkocher enhancement low
#2865 Support proxy connection with SSH Tunnel through bastion server assigned dkocher enhancement low
#3304 Add file comparison in transfer prompt new dkocher enhancement low
#4405 Automatic public key authentication setup reopened dkocher enhancement low
#5054 Remember navigated paths assigned dkocher enhancement low
#5364 Defaults for metadata reopened dkocher enhancement low
#5368 Support for Samba (SMB) protocol reopened feature low
#5687 Implement resource locking reopened dkocher enhancement low
#5995 List folders first, files after by default new yla enhancement low
#5999 Provide breadcrumbs to navigate path in browser new yla enhancement low
#6061 Linux Version new yla feature low
#7076 Store bookmarks in cloud service new enhancement low
#7213 Save workspace does not work for multiple browser sessions to the same server reopened dkocher enhancement low
#8064 Interoperability with leading / in key name reopened dkocher enhancement low
#8238 Interoperability with `..` or `.` in key name new dkocher enhancement low
#8401 Support authentication with private key from SmartCard (PKCS11) new dkocher enhancement low
#8624 Set Content-Type header manually for uploads new dkocher enhancement low
#8957 Skip files matching regular expressions new enhancement low
#8969 Disable updater when installed using Chocolatey package manager new yla enhancement low
#9111 Support WebHDFS assigned dkocher feature low
#9134 Expose segment size preference new dkocher enhancement low
#9153 Exclusive glob pattern for downloads new enhancement low
#9337 Given option multiple times does not yield input validation error assigned dkocher enhancement low
#9353 Option to increase number of connections beyond 9 new enhancement low
#9497 Missing unit translations new dkocher enhancement low
#9527 Do not override Content-Type header when adding new response header to folder new dkocher enhancement low
#9619 Interoperability with backslash (\) in key name new enhancement low
#9675 Display total time and average speed for transfer new enhancement low
#9685 True SSH Support new feature low
#9718 Read only option for bookmark new enhancement low
#9719 Labels for bookmarks new enhancement low
#9760 Download failure when filename contains # character new yla defect low 7.0
#9874 Preferences option to clear transfers on program close assigned dkocher enhancement low
#9914 Invalid signature for path with * new dkocher defect low
#9975 Empty password is not saved in keychain new enhancement low
#10066 Use dropdown menu for download folder selection new enhancement low
#10090 Remote rename of several files new feature low
#10092 Support for C14 new feature low
#10136 Cannot access vault within vault new yla enhancement low
#10215 Option to skip calculating MD5 checksum new enhancement low
#10247 Missing MD5 checksums new defect low
#10293 Support for Dropbox for Business new feature low
#10317 Generic forbidden error when exceeding upload quota new dkocher enhancement low
#10323 Incompatible with OpenSSH wildcard HostName new enhancement low
#10336 Support RFC7807 "application/problem+json" new enhancement low
#10350 Option to set lifecycle policy new feature low
#10366 Paste in Windows Explorer leaves a temporary hidden file new defect low
#10377 Support download of files identified as abusive new enhancement low
#10390 Allow calls to external programs using command line new feature low
#9190 Hovering the path dropdown should show the full path as a tooltip new yla enhancement lowest
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