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Ticket Summary Platform Status Owner Type Priority
#10282 Deleted Bookmarks Reappearing reopened defect highest
#10079 Does not upload edited files when more than two files are opened assigned dkocher defect high
#10150 Opening folders within Cryptomator vault extremely slow new yla defect high
#10196 Out of memory when uploading large file assigned dkocher defect high
#10280 error loading new defect high
#10285 FTP Between Google Drive and Website folder new feature high
#133 Kerberos Support assigned dkocher feature normal
#4498 Segmented downloads with multiple connections per file reopened dkocher enhancement normal
#5490 Compact view of items in transfer window new dkocher enhancement normal
#6140 View only changed files in synchronization prompt assigned dkocher enhancement normal
#6294 View files in a transfer queue new dkocher enhancement normal
#7664 Open in terminal fails in sandbox environment reopened dkocher enhancement normal
#8230 Add support to run subsystem with sudo new dkocher enhancement normal
#8554 Support cipher new dkocher enhancement normal
#8555 Support cipher new dkocher enhancement normal
#8580 Bundle cannot be relocated to other places on the path, depends on /opt/duck/ reopened dkocher enhancement normal
#9053 Mount option in command line interface assigned dkocher feature normal
#9367 Show checksums and remote identity for completed file transfers new enhancement normal
#9406 Working directory for Send command window should match browser reopened enhancement normal
#9425 Option for ACLs and HTTP headers new enhancement normal
#9601 Preserve modification date option for uploads not supported new enhancement normal
#9726 Drag & drop of file includes previously selected file new dkocher enhancement normal
#9873 Crashing when reading private keys from Keychain (macOS) new defect normal
#9907 Does not save files from editor after timeout new defect normal
#9940 Support for Azure File Storage new feature normal
#9944 Resume does not skip completed parts reopened dkocher defect normal
#10005 Add support for MediaFire new feature normal
#10031 Upload file resume is not supported new jmalek enhancement normal
#10046 Dynamic Large Object (DLO) support assigned dkocher enhancement normal
#10107 Include shared items in browser new jmalek feature normal
#10115 Only document library is shown when connecting to SharePoint Online new jmalek enhancement normal
#10131 Renaming vault decrypts all files prior rename new defect normal
#10178 Crash when reloading directory in browser new defect normal
#10192 Interoperability with FlashAir drive; failure parsing XML response from PROPFIND new dkocher defect normal
#10209 Window is always pushed back by other windows on screen new defect normal
#10222 Support 2FA new feature normal
#10235 support through their API (WebDAV doesn't work with 2FA) new feature normal
#10259 Files only displayed after resizing window when expanding folder in browser reopened defect normal
#10270 Changing columns width works like crazy new defect normal
#10273 Unable to Log In to Cyberduck new defect normal
#10275 Unable to mount to a specified Directory new defect normal
#15 Change file owner assigned dkocher enhancement low
#2865 Support proxy connection with SSH Tunnel through bastion server assigned dkocher enhancement low
#3304 Add file comparison in transfer prompt new dkocher enhancement low
#5364 Defaults for metadata reopened dkocher enhancement low
#5687 Implement resource locking reopened dkocher enhancement low
#6061 Linux Version new yla feature low
#8624 Set Content-Type header manually for uploads new dkocher enhancement low
#8969 Disable updater when installed using Chocolatey package manager new yla enhancement low
#9134 Expose segment size preference new dkocher enhancement low
#9153 Exclusive glob pattern for downloads new enhancement low
#9353 Option to increase number of connections beyond 9 new enhancement low
#9497 Missing unit translations new dkocher enhancement low
#9527 Do not override Content-Type header when adding new response header to folder new dkocher enhancement low
#9675 Display total time and average speed for transfer new enhancement low
#9685 True SSH Support new feature low
#9718 Read only option for bookmark new enhancement low
#9719 Labels for bookmarks new enhancement low
#9914 Invalid signature for path with * new dkocher defect low
#10092 Support for C14 new feature low
#10136 Cannot access vault within vault new yla enhancement low
#10215 Option to skip calculating MD5 checksum new enhancement low
#10247 Missing MD5 checksums new defect low
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