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#10258 Crashed when uploading. new highest core
#10282 Deleted Bookmarks Reappearing reopened highest core
#10079 Does not upload edited files when more than two files are opened assigned dkocher high 7.0 core
#10150 Opening folders within Cryptomator vault extremely slow new yla high cryptomator
#10154 Freezes on permissions problem extracting archive on server new ahtoagah high sftp
#10191 Cannot upload a directory if its name contains a single quote new high googledrive
#10196 Out of memory when uploading large file assigned dkocher high 7.0 onedrive
#10280 error loading new high core
#7045 Edit → Copy URL → HTTP URL cannot be used via Keyboard shortcut. Custom shortcut fails. reopened dkocher normal 7.0 interface
#9792 Uploads not triggered for filename with quotes new yla normal 7.0 core
#9873 Crashing when reading private keys from Keychain (macOS) new normal core
#9907 Does not save files from editor after timeout new normal 7.0 core
#9944 Resume does not skip completed parts reopened dkocher normal 6.0.1 b2
#9951 Navigating up in upload file browse dialog breaks folder selection new yla normal interface
#10076 Quick Connect dropdown menu limited to single entry assigned dkocher normal 7.0 interface
#10095 Unable to upload/download files with names "home.html" or "default.html" to/from folder named "_layouts" new normal onedrive
#10100 Window will not stay on top when clicked from taskbar new normal interface
#10103 403: User Rate Limit Exceeded when uploading many files assigned dkocher normal 7.0 googledrive
#10114 Synchronize -download fails to sftp reopened normal cli
#10130 Failure authenticating with password protected ed25519 private key new dkocher normal sftp
#10131 Renaming vault decrypts all files prior rename new normal cryptomator
#10169 File not found (MacOS Error code: -43) when attempting to download file already found on local disk new normal core
#10175 Office365: Sharepoint Online new jmalek normal onedrive
#10178 Crash when reloading directory in browser new normal core
#10185 Menu with list of editors not showing up correctly new normal core
#10192 Interoperability with FlashAir drive; failure parsing XML response from PROPFIND new dkocher normal webdav
#10209 Window is always pushed back by other windows on screen new normal core
#10213 Extremely sluggish UI responsiveness new zeevg normal core
#10236 Transfer summary screen is blank new normal core
#10259 Files only displayed after resizing window when expanding folder in browser reopened normal 7.0 core
#10260 Applied permissions cannot be read when using MLSD new dkocher normal ftp
#10265 Backup windows user folder new dkocher normal webdav
#10266 Trial has expired when running from Windows Store new jmalek normal appstore
#10267 Génération fichiers .ico new normal openstack
#10270 Changing columns width works like crazy new normal core
#10273 Unable to Log In to Cyberduck new normal core
#10274 SSH-Schlüssel Problem new normal sftp
#10275 Unable to mount to a specified Directory new normal core
#10277 None of my downloads are completing new normal 7.0 core
#10283 Ghost Window impossible to select and close new normal ftp
#10284 File copy by alt-drag&drop does not work anymore new normal ftp
#9760 Download failure when filename contains # character new yla low 7.0 core
#9914 Invalid signature for path with * new dkocher low s3
#10247 Missing MD5 checksums new low website
#10269 Incorrect connections new low core
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