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#8880 Authentication using AWS AssumeRole and GetSessionToken with AWS STS assigned dkocher high 7.0 s3
#10012 Create Cryptomator vault (CLI) new yla high cryptomator
#10285 FTP Between Google Drive and Website folder new high googledrive
#10303 Connection Timed Out new dmateo high ftp
#133 Kerberos Support assigned dkocher normal core
#9053 Mount option in command line interface assigned dkocher normal cli
#9763 Support OpenSSH key format (ECDSA) with password reopened normal sftp
#9940 Support for Azure File Storage new normal core
#10005 Add support for MediaFire new normal core
#10063 Activity Form (Windows) new normal interface
#10222 Support 2FA assigned dkocher normal 7.0 s3
#10235 support through their API (WebDAV doesn't work with 2FA) new normal core
#10301 Feature for scheduling file transfers for all transfer methods. new normal core
#5368 Support for Samba (SMB) protocol reopened low core
#6061 Linux Version new yla low core
#9111 Support WebHDFS assigned dkocher low core
#9685 True SSH Support new low core
#10090 Remote rename of several files new low core
#10092 Support for C14 new low core
#10293 Support for Dropbox for Business new low dropbox
#10350 Option to set lifecycle policy new low cli
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