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The Cleanest, Most Natural, Fastest Drying Carpet Cleaning

Not only do we utilize the best products available on the market, we absolutely guarantee to provide the best service also.

We take pride in knowing that all of our products are 100% bio-degradable and completely non-residual.  Which means there are no sticky residues left behind, and your carpet will be dry to the touch in less than 30 minutes!


Best Service

The Most Honest in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area

We’re the most honest in the industry and never pull any bait and switch techniques.

Our pricing is simple:

Strictly based on sq. footage, never charging extra for stain removal or moving furniture. It’s all included!

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A Price That is Transparent and The Best Value Around

Strictly based on sq. footage.  To give you an idea of pricing:  A typical living room/dining area is 400 sq. feet.  Based on our pricing method, the cost would be $92.   Click on the link below,  put in your sq. footage and whatever price you see is what you’ll get.

It also includes moving furniture, stain removal, and the entire process!

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