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SITE UTIME workaround for buggy servers

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Component: ftp Version: 3.2
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Currently, Cyberduck does "the right thing" when uploading to FTP sites that support SITE UTIME, by converting the local file timestamp to UTC (so no knowledge of the server's timezone is used). Unfortunately, many implementations of "SITE UTIME ... UTC" actually expect timestamps to be in the server's local time despite the "UTC" suffix. It would be *brilliant* if Cyberduck could be made compatible with these servers. Perhaps you could add a Cyberduck FTP Option to convert timestamps to the server's Timezone for uploading. This feature work work in conjunction with CyberDuck's existing Timezone and "Preserve Modification Date" settings.

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comment:1 Changed on Jun 13, 2009 at 11:35:14 AM by dkocher

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I don't think it is a good idea to implement such hacks. Better fix the server.

comment:2 Changed on Jun 14, 2009 at 2:32:27 AM by

Please, upgrading the server software is NOT an option for most people. One of the main reasons I am discouraged from using Cyberduck is timezone problems. I see timezone frustrations in many other Cyberduck users too. I donated money to Cyberduck because it has been popular for many years and has a lot of potential. I think that adding compatibility features is not necessarily bad, and remember that SITE UTIME and hacking MDMT are site additions anyway, i.e., never standardised by the IETF. Perhaps I should not have called the servers "buggy". Cyberduck could implement compatibility through radio buttons: "Upload modification times in: O UTC O Server's timezone".

comment:3 Changed on Jun 14, 2009 at 2:40:50 AM by

I have some more wishful thinking, about automatically detecting these problems. When Cyberduck uploads to a server, it re-lists the affected directory afterwards. So if it uploaded timestamps, it could compare those timestamps when the directory is re-listed. If it finds a discrepancy between the uploaded timestamp and the listed timestamp, Cyberduck could alert the user to say how many hours and minutes of discrepancy exist, with a button to open the bookmark to adjust timezone settings. Maybe you could avoid alerting the user unnecessarily by storing a value of "time drift" in the bookmark and only alert the user if the time drift has increased since last time. From a user perspective, this would be a "win", because Cyberduck would be effectively explaining what's happening and showing me how to control it.

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