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Inconsistent and enhanced toolbar behaviour.

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I have the following concerns with the current toolbar behaviour:

  1. The two toolbars (standard toolbar and fixed toolbar) should be combined.

I often wish to change the style of toolbar elements (size, icon-only, text-only, etc.) and this is currently not possible with the fixed toolbar.

  1. Also not possible is hiding of the fixed toolbar, a feature I most desperately desire.
  1. The fixed toolbar uses buttons, which is inconsistant with standard (sytem-wide) toolbar behaviour. Instead, glyphs should be used a la the back/forward buttons in Safari and Camino.
  1. If not possible to combine the toolbars, I would still like to be able to add elements from the current fixed toolbar to the standard toolbar. E.g. a "directory up" glyph.
  1. The Quick Connect toolbar element should either be a maximum width element (a la the address bar in browsers) or two should be provided, one fixed, one flexible.
  1. Instead of the fixed toolbar's path dropdown, updating of the quick connect field would allow Cyberduck to act more like a web browser in execution. In fact, Quick Connect could be, instead, address, and thus be updated for all actions (change directory, bookmark load, and quick connect). An alternate would be to mimic Finder's behaviour of Apple-clicking on the title of the window to pull up a path drop-down.

My dream toolbar is very, very similar to Camino's, icons only, small, and contains the following items, in order:

  1. Back & Forward Glyphs w/ Click-Hold Dropdowns
  2. Directory Up Glyph w/ Click-Hold Dropdown
  3. Reload Glyph
  4. Stop Active Transfers Glyph, and when idle, Disconnect Glyph
  5. Maximum-width address bar w/ protocol icon.
  6. Transfers Drawer Glyph
  7. Bookmark Drawer Glyph

Thank you for your time,

Matthew Bevan

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comment:1 Changed on Jun 14, 2006 at 12:27:43 AM by

My reasoning behind wanting Cyberduck to be more Camino-like:

  1. Consistency. I like the applications I use to look like they belong together.
  1. I like minimilistic and clean interfaces. All of the possible actions are already available via shortcut keys and menu items, so there is no need to clutter a toolbar.
  1. The slogan at the top of the page is "FTP and SFTP Browser for Mac OS X", so why doesn't it look like a browser? :)

Matthew Bevan

comment:2 Changed on Jan 14, 2007 at 6:55:38 AM by dkocher

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I think the toolbar would be too cluttered if the items of the 'fixed' toolbar would be added to.

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