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    11I'm on windows 8 using the latest version of cyberduck to upload image files to This is the first time I have used this kind of ftp program and it's very frustrating. It seems that if I select more than 300 files or so, the program freezes and has to be closed from task manager. I have zero problems if I upload less than this amount. I have never had a program limit how many files I can upload at one time so I'm wondering if this is cyberduck, rackspace, or a combo of both. Also, I get a window that pops up asking me if I want the directory to list more than 10,000 files at once and I tic the box for always and click continue and still get the window every time it wants to list the directory I'm uploading to. Any help with this would be great, thank you in advance. P.S. I have updated to the latest nightly build and still no fix to my problem. Also my employer has told me that he has been able to upload over 10,000 files at the same time in the past without this issue.
     3Edit: it's exactly 363 files that are allowed to be uploaded each time.