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Dec 13, 2017 11:49:57 PM (2 years ago)

I also need this.

What would be AWESOME: instead of collecting the access_key_id and secret_key, you instead would collect the $AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE or "--profile" as used in aws s3 CLI commands, so if we have configured awscli to use roles via lines in ~/.aws/config, this would simply work without having to double-enter the data in two locations.

Happy if you provide an option to both store inside Cyberduck AND if not stored internally, attempt to lookup the profile inside ~/.aws/* too.

But, AWS best practice for the last few years has been to use role assumption in any multi-account scenario, and they've been pushing multi-account at the enterprise level also for a few years, so I think you need to prioritize this - it seems to have been a request for years now.


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    initial v25  
    55It does support roles from an EC2 instance, so I think it should be very easy to support from my own OSX laptop? I was thinking of just running a local proxy for to fake the fact I am not running on EC2, but it seemed like overkill.
     7I notice a few people are suggesting entry of the security token - but isn't that short-lived? Don't see how that's a stable configuration solution. When configuring AWS CLI for this, I'd have an entry for the master account, and then one entry for each assumed role, such as:
     9[profile master]
     10region = us-east-1
     11output = json
     13[profile security]
     14role_arn = arn:aws:iam::999999999999:role/MyAccessRole
     15source_profile = master
     19I think you need a way to collect and use this information, mainly the role_arn and reference to the source_profile.
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