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Connecting to FTP server behind firewall with port forwarding failing — at Initial Version

Reported by: epugh Owned by: dkocher
Priority: normal Milestone: 2.7.3
Component: ftp Version: 2.7.2
Severity: normal Keywords:
Cc: Architecture:


I have a FTP server behind a firewall... The firewall is, and the server is When I connect using cyberduck I get back the PORT to use as, not my public IP address!

Here is the text of my IM conversation with my friend who diagnosed it:

cguillot@… ok, so an ftp server sends its ip address in the response to a passive mode PORT request, along with the port number to connect to... 11:21 » ie. I send PORT, it sends back (my ip):5005 or somesuch. 11:22 Eric Pugh ok 11:22 cguillot@… Because you're forwarding ports, the server is (correctly) sending back 11:22 Eric Pugh right 11:22 cguillot@… And cyberduck, not being very smart, is taking it at its word, and not noticing that that is not the ip address it connected to initially. 11:22 » ...and is not routable from where you are.... 11:23 Eric Pugh ah... 11:23 cguillot@… Most ftp clients (incl the cmd line one) will try the ip address they know to be correct in the case of a private ip being returned in response to PORT. 11:24 Eric Pugh submitting bug to cyberduck 11:24 » fugu seems to do the same thing

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