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Jun 23, 2006:

8:00 PM Ticket #491 (constant crashing) reopened by anonymous
cyberduck crashes when I try to connect to my server. Why?
3:07 PM Ticket #503 (won't upload files) created by anonymous
when I try to upload small files like slices I often get a status of …
8:15 AM Ticket #502 (Search in files (like "grep" on the shell)) created by
It would be useful to have the ability to search for expressions in …

Jun 22, 2006:

4:38 PM Ticket #500 (Duplicate file names preferences) created by
Please have separate preferences for how duplicate file names are …
4:03 PM Ticket #499 (Quick Connect toolbar entry should be case-insensitive) created by
Right now, the Quick Connect toolbar thing is case-sensitive. When I …
1:24 PM Ticket #450 (Use of active mode connection broken) closed by dkocher
fixed: Fixed with r2318.
1:23 PM Changeset [2318] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/com/enterprisedt/net/ftp/
Fix for #450
11:15 AM Ticket #402 (After I downloaded 2.5.5 (had2.5.2) I can't transfer anything via ftp ...) closed by dkocher
11:14 AM Ticket #460 (Privacy - Clear transfer history) closed by dkocher
11:11 AM Ticket #495 (Dies often (version 2.6)) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Duplicate for #469.
11:11 AM Ticket #497 (frequent crashing / freezing on use) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Duplicate for #469.
11:10 AM Ticket #494 (Problems after mac OS X update 10.4.6) closed by dkocher
duplicate: #440
11:09 AM Ticket #475 (I/O fault: Connection reset (/)) closed by dkocher
duplicate: #440
11:03 AM Ticket #459 (Trac spam :-() closed by dkocher
11:03 AM Ticket #458 (problème d'heure) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Duplicate of #434.
11:02 AM Ticket #317 (Application doesn't open; just bounces in the dock) closed by dkocher
worksforme: Reinstalling Java from …
10:57 AM Ticket #480 (FTP timeout. Cannot FTP) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Try to use a passive FTP connection. This either a firewall problem or …
10:47 AM Ticket #428 (Cannot Select External Editor) closed by dkocher
worksforme: Please refer to …
10:46 AM Ticket #496 (crashes) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Is this when transfering files? Then it looks like a duplicate for #469.
10:44 AM Ticket #498 (can‘t upload anymore) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Duplicate of #436. Download the multilingual build.
10:41 AM Ticket #463 (I keep getting an I/O error: Operation timed out (/) after I login and ...) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Probably related to #450. Try to use a passive connection (FTP Passive …
10:35 AM Ticket #451 (Null pointer in queue controller) closed by dkocher
7:34 AM Ticket #498 (can‘t upload anymore) created by anonymous
with version 2.6 I can't upload anymore at all. If I drag a file to …
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