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Sep 3, 2006:

10:20 PM Ticket #754 (Predefined default start connection.) created by
Coudnt it be possible an option in the preferences menu that would let …
8:22 PM Ticket #752 (Program keeps crashing under intel mac osx 10.4) created by
This program will sometimes randomly crash and then try and reopen …
8:10 PM Ticket #751 (First page link : credits goes to 404) created by anonymous
8:02 PM Ticket #750 (looping infinite after terminated big upload - intel 10.4.7 - 2.6) created by anonymous
6:03 PM Ticket #747 (Crash while writing the server URI - seems coming from apple component ...) created by anonymous
3:44 PM Ticket #745 (failing to connect) reopened by
why was this ticket closed? I didn't find an answer in the email I …
3:28 PM Changeset [2377] by dkocher
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2:14 PM Ticket #326 (Safe File Uploading for Webservers) closed by dkocher
2:09 PM Ticket #728 (overwrite doesn't work) closed by dkocher
2:09 PM Ticket #284 (Decrease timeout on socket) closed by dkocher
2:04 PM Ticket #667 (crash while typing a server name in "Open Connection..." dialog) closed by dkocher
1:47 PM Ticket #746 (Cyberduck doesn't recognize uploaded files after site is changed to ...) created by
Recently an FTP site was changed to new server. Since then the file …
1:29 PM Ticket #740 (Right-clicking multiple files deselects all but one) closed by dkocher
1:27 PM Ticket #745 (failing to connect) closed by dkocher
10:17 AM Ticket #694 (Error loading class from NIB) reopened by
I have the same problem but i dont have a folder named …
8:26 AM Ticket #745 (failing to connect) created by
Hi, while I have been using cyberduck for a while without a problem. …

Sep 2, 2006:

3:07 PM Ticket #740 (Right-clicking multiple files deselects all but one) created by
When I select more than one file and right-click one of them the …
11:00 AM Ticket #688 (browser issue after deleting) closed by dkocher
duplicate: See #332.
10:50 AM Ticket #680 (Problems changing the case of a foldername) closed by dkocher
duplicate: See #449.
10:18 AM Ticket #401 (Cyberduck crashes just after start, on opening a browser window.) closed by dkocher
10:16 AM Ticket #681 (Synchronizing folders do not use public key authentication) closed by dkocher
10:13 AM Ticket #715 (problems with "umlaute") closed by dkocher
worksforme: See at the very top.
10:06 AM Ticket #727 (Cyberduck Crashing) closed by dkocher
duplicate: See #711
8:57 AM Ticket #736 (cyberduck crashes consistently when typing in name for new connection.) closed by dkocher
duplicate: See #711.
8:45 AM Ticket #712 (All menuitems gray and I dont get any window is shown) closed by dkocher
duplicate: See #694
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