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May 18, 2007:

10:09 PM Ticket #694 (Error loading class from NIB) closed by dkocher
worksforme: Manually changing symbolic links in /JavaVM.framework/Versions/ is …
9:59 PM Ticket #671 (update msg reports updated build rather than current version as the ...) closed by dkocher
worksforme: It reports both build numbers as far as I know.
9:58 PM Ticket #1020 (Aquamacs Emacs or GNU Emacs support) closed by dkocher
wontfix: Cannot support these without ODB interface.
9:57 PM Ticket #1091 (ToolBar's "Quick Connect" field and menu not adjustable or at least ...) closed by dkocher
wontfix: Currently not possible to implement.
9:52 PM Ticket #369 (synchronization problems...) closed by dkocher
duplicate: See #18 for the tree/hierarchy/outline view.
9:50 PM Ticket #990 (add GUI for basic port knocking) closed by dkocher
9:49 PM Ticket #438 (Freezes when using application switcher to switch back) closed by dkocher
worksforme: Please reopen if still an issue with current builds.
9:48 PM Ticket #477 (Hangs when switching to from other application) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Refer to #438.
5:31 PM Ticket #412 (Do not advertise local machine w/ Bonjour) closed by dkocher
fixed: Fixed in r2993. This is configurable with …
5:31 PM Changeset [2993] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/
Fix for #412
5:15 PM Ticket #1097 ("The key format is not a supported format") closed by dkocher
5:02 PM Ticket #673 (CyberDuck fails to open main window: java.lang.ClassFormatError: ...) closed by dkocher
worksforme: Local installation corruption it seems.
4:59 PM Ticket #1103 (unable to read permissions correctly when connecting to windows server) closed by dkocher
wontfix: Many windows FTP server do not support permissions as they have not …
4:37 PM Changeset [2992] by dkocher
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Browser.nib/keyedobjects.nib
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Browser.strings
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Configuration.strings
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Growl.strings
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Localizable.strings
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Main.nib/info.nib
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Main.nib/keyedobjects.nib
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Main.strings
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Preferences.nib/classes.nib
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Preferences.nib/info.nib
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Preferences.nib/keyedobjects.nib
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Preferences.strings
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Status.strings
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Transfer.nib/keyedobjects.nib
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Transfer.strings
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Validator.nib/keyedobjects.nib
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Validator.strings
Updating Japanese
4:33 PM Changeset [2991] by dkocher
  • trunk/test/org/apache/commons/net/ftp/parser/
4:32 PM Ticket #1070 (time out updating Directory) closed by dkocher
worksforme: Contact your provider.
4:27 PM Changeset [2990] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/cocoa/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/cocoa/
4:26 PM Changeset [2989] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/cocoa/
Cancel transfers in background
4:09 PM Ticket #678 (UTF-8 not working with compatible server) closed by dkocher
worksforme: You can change the text encoding Cyberduck should use by default in …
4:04 PM Ticket #1014 (Directory listing problem) closed by dkocher
fixed: Testcase added in r2988.
4:04 PM Changeset [2988] by dkocher
  • trunk/test/org/apache/commons/net/ftp/parser/
Testcase for #1014
3:17 PM Ticket #695 (date/time stamps & synchronisation) closed by dkocher
3:16 PM Ticket #215 (directory with acl applied (on Solaris 8) not visible) closed by dkocher
fixed: Added testcase in r2987. Seems to work now.
3:16 PM Changeset [2987] by dkocher
  • trunk/test/org/apache/commons/net/ftp/parser/
Test for #215
2:58 PM Ticket #981 (Copy URL in contextual menu) closed by dkocher
2:52 PM Ticket #638 (Synchronization does not what I want) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Probably a timezone problem or already fixed in a later release. See #434.
11:26 AM Ticket #928 (Go back / forward should use Finder+Safari key commands) closed by dkocher
wontfix: Cmd-[ and Cmd-] are not easy accessible on non-US keyboards and …
11:23 AM Ticket #645 (Application crashed after trying to synch a folder with another ...) closed by dkocher
11:22 AM Ticket #1073 (Wireless USB mouse interference with cyberduck) closed by dkocher
worksforme: Third party to resolve.
11:22 AM Ticket #1107 (Cyberduck unexpectedly quit) closed by dkocher
invalid: Use crash reporter.
11:16 AM Ticket #1053 (IO error on listing the directory) closed by dkocher
worksforme: Try a passive connection.
11:12 AM Ticket #582 (I/O Error on dragging folder from remote host to desktop) closed by dkocher
fixed: Can't remember the build in which this was fixed.
11:09 AM Ticket #885 (sync problem) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Duplicate for #434. General support for timezones missing.
11:08 AM Ticket #938 (Syncing sets local file's modified+2hrs) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Duplicate for #434. General support for timezones missing.
11:06 AM Ticket #1115 (. and .. in browser window?) closed by dkocher
duplicate: See #800.
9:26 AM Ticket #1036 (Browser search case-sensitive) closed by dkocher
fixed: r2986.
9:26 AM Changeset [2986] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/cocoa/
9:13 AM Ticket #1116 (Unexpected File Renaming when a) directory selected for renaming + b) ...) closed by dkocher
9:06 AM Ticket #684 (PRET (PRE Transfer) command) closed by dkocher
8:46 AM Ticket #488 (Cyberduck synchronizes files which should be up to date) closed by dkocher
8:45 AM Ticket #937 (Open bookmark in new window preference and contextual menu) closed by dkocher
8:43 AM Ticket #1074 (Repeated connection failures and crashes on large DLs) closed by dkocher
worksforme: New SSH library and automatic reconnection in 2.8
8:40 AM Ticket #1023 (SFTP fails to connect if .bashrc echoes anything) closed by dkocher
8:36 AM Ticket #1027 (Forced resume on partial select) closed by dkocher
fixed: New implementation in 2.8; should be resolved.
8:34 AM Ticket #530 (incomplete files during SFTP transfer of large directory) closed by dkocher

May 17, 2007:

12:28 PM Ticket #437 (SFTP subsystem problems with 2.6) closed by dkocher
12:28 PM Ticket #249 (Timezones Confuse Synchronization) closed by dkocher
duplicate: See #434.
12:26 PM Ticket #1018 (Time set wrong) closed by dkocher
duplicate: See #434.
12:23 PM Ticket #1042 (More editors) closed by dkocher
wontfix: Editors must support ODB.
12:23 PM Ticket #1044 (Cyberduck upload speed limit) closed by dkocher
12:20 PM Ticket #1098 (Web View) closed by dkocher
12:19 PM Ticket #925 (Offline Help files) closed by dkocher
12:17 PM Ticket #731 (uploading problems) closed by dkocher
12:16 PM Ticket #1033 (Uploading folder of .jpg files doesn't apply correct permissions to items) closed by dkocher
worksforme: It will use the permissions set locally. See Cyberduck > Preferences > …
12:09 PM Ticket #1113 (Audible Feedback) closed by dkocher
12:09 PM Ticket #1077 (Support for Dreamweaver checkouts) closed by dkocher
wontfix: official website
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