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Feb 2, 2010:

10:30 PM Ticket #4185 (I have used this programme before and paid a donation - Now it ask's ...) created by Rob Morley-Smith <>
9:14 PM Ticket #4184 (typing letters to jump to files no longer works) created by
jsut upgraded today guys. not happy that it will not let me start …
8:51 PM Ticket #4183 (Server to Server) created by
In the next release, will Cyberduck be able to make ftp transfert …
8:41 PM Ticket #4182 (unable to quit cyberduck) created by
after an upload, wanted to quit cyberduck, click "Quit" but Cyberduck …
8:09 PM Changeset [5812] by dkocher
  • trunk/img/g-icon.png
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/
7:19 PM Ticket #4181 (HTTP transfers without SSL) created by
Hi I have a question about s3 download speeds. My ISP, Rogers here in …
2:02 PM Ticket #4180 (Please re-add the ok (do now) button on the info permisions pane) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Duplicate for #3930.
2:01 PM Ticket #4179 (Doesn't seem to work (launch) with Java 1.6 (!)) closed by dkocher
worksforme: […] You are trying to launch a version prior to [milestone:3.3
10:30 AM Ticket #4180 (Please re-add the ok (do now) button on the info permisions pane) created by
Please could you add the ok butto int he permisions pane (tab) in …
2:42 AM Ticket #4179 (Doesn't seem to work (launch) with Java 1.6 (!)) created by
When I try to launch cyberduck, nothing happens, because I'm running …

Feb 1, 2010:

11:06 PM Ticket #4172 (Sitemap Addition) closed by dkocher
wontfix: I think this is out of scope. Refer to …
11:02 PM Ticket #4178 (Slow, So Slow Response) created by
Well, it isn't only me. I was accepting this as I'm on an old G5 PPC. …
10:40 PM Changeset [5811] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/
Fix typo.
9:58 PM Ticket #4177 (new user name and password) closed by dkocher
8:12 PM Ticket #4177 (new user name and password) created by
i cannot find where i wrote down my user name and password. i need to …
7:00 PM Ticket #4171 (Broken Pipe Error) closed by yla
thirdparty: I reckon that you are running out of disk space. See …
6:52 PM Ticket #4095 (Listing directories fail - commands don't work) closed by yla
6:48 PM Ticket #4176 (Authentication fails) closed by yla
duplicate: Duplicate for #4097. Get the latest …
2:48 PM Ticket #4176 (Authentication fails) created by
This worked in 3.3 but broke in 3.4.1. My company uses Webex Connect …
10:01 AM Ticket #4175 (Show folder name when folder dragged-updated) created by
I tried to update ticket but got a spam warning and update was …
9:56 AM Ticket #4174 (Show folder name when folder dragged) created by
It's very easy to accidentally drag a folder and disable applications …
8:19 AM Ticket #4173 (specific preferences for bookmars) created by
It would be a nice idea to have preferences specific for bookmarks; …
3:33 AM Ticket #4172 (Sitemap Addition) created by
First off, let me thank you for creating such a wonderful piece of …
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