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Sep 22, 2010:

8:48 PM Ticket #5224 (Copy URL Does not Work) created by wcwirla
When a file is selected, Copy URL action does not work.
8:21 PM Ticket #5148 (Lookup of password for private key fails in Keychain) reopened by
There appears to be a regression in build 7035 that leads to this bug …
7:57 PM Ticket #5193 (Seit Update keine Einsicht auf Dateien und Ordner) reopened by missv
5:08 PM Ticket #5223 (Synchronize (Upload) bug introduced in v3.6.1) created by jontyh
Aaaah :-( Seems like the synchronize (upload) function isn't searching …
3:09 PM Ticket #5222 (Google Docs: Unable to drag and drop (upload) files to certain ...) created by
Unable to upload files via drag and drop to subfolders that are more …
2:32 PM Changeset [7046] by yla
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/IInfoView.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/InfoController.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/InfoForm.Designer.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/InfoForm.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/InfoForm.resx
Add missing functionality to Info view.
10:54 AM Ticket #5221 (Unable to Synchronize) created by macofrank
The following is from the console log […]
10:03 AM Changeset [7045] by yla
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/IPreferencesView.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/PreferencesController.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/PreferencesForm.Designer.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/PreferencesForm.cs
Polish Preferences Form and implement missing functionality.
10:02 AM Changeset [7044] by yla
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/BrowserController.cs
Disable "New Download".
4:07 AM Ticket #5138 (updating cyberduck caused dead duck) reopened by ducks8mymac
I did reinstall and guess what? It STILL CANNOT UPLOAD ANYTHING. It …

Sep 21, 2010:

10:38 PM Ticket #5220 (problem bei synchronisation) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Duplicate for #5154.
9:32 PM Ticket #5220 (problem bei synchronisation) created by cyberrock
hallo! seit dem letzten update auf 3.6.1. lassen sich keine …
6:27 PM Changeset [7043] by yla
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/PreferencesForm.Designer.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/PreferencesForm.cs
Move content of browser preferences tab to General preferences. Fix …
6:21 PM Ticket #5154 (Synchronize does not upload) reopened by dkocher
3:56 PM Ticket #5219 (SFTP connection with empty password dont work with root user) created by
No way to connect a SFTP serveur with root user and empty password. …
3:53 PM Changeset [7042] by yla
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/BrowserController.cs
Fix 'Duplicate Bookmark'.
3:27 PM Changeset [7041] by yla
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/AboutBox.Designer.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/AboutBox.cs
Center 'Acknowledgments' button.
1:49 PM Ticket #5218 (I/O Error: Cannot read file attributes after idle) created by theallan
I've noticed some odd behaviour in the nightlies of late (currently …
1:46 PM Changeset [7040] by yla
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/BookmarkController.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/ConnectionController.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/Events.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/IBookmarkView.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/ILoginView.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/Keychain.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/LoginController.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/BookmarkForm.Designer.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/BookmarkForm.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/BookmarkForm.resx
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/ConnectionForm.Designer.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/ConnectionForm.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/ConnectionForm.resx
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/LoginForm.Designer.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/LoginForm.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/LoginForm.resx
Make Public Key Authentication work.
9:10 AM Changeset [7039] by yla
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/cocoa/
1:35 AM Ticket #5217 (S3 Versioning does not allow downloading of "deleted" files) created by
While the S3 interface displays the "deleted" S3 files when using …
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