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Oct 3, 2010:

8:10 PM Ticket #5267 (Not Displaying Contents) created by jetsinboxes
I am able to connect to CloudFile. I am able to see containers. The …
7:56 PM Changeset [7179] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/cocoa/foundation/
7:17 PM Changeset [7178] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/cocoa/
7:13 PM Ticket #5266 (Bug / rename /merge) created by fundance
Hello I have a bug on Cyberduck. To merge files, it worked before. …
6:52 PM Ticket #5265 (Can't open beta) created by brentbizzle
Well, I'd love to say that I am happy with the progress with …
5:07 PM Changeset [7177] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/s3/
Fix expiry URLs.
4:45 PM Ticket #5264 (Cannot transfer files.) created by ichikasuto
Cyberduck beta for Windows for some reason will not let me transfer …
1:15 PM Changeset [7176] by yla
  • trunk/build-windows.xml
Architecture depending ProgramFiles.
10:18 AM Ticket #5263 (cyberduck for Windows keeps dropping connection) created by jeanmicheltisserand
Can you please elaborate on this? Protocol? Error message?
10:01 AM Ticket #5258 (installer does not create shortcuts for all sers) closed by yla
fixed: Fixed in r7175. Thanks for reporting!
10:00 AM Changeset [7175] by yla
  • trunk/setup/cyberduck.nsi
Fix #5258.
8:45 AM Ticket #5262 (FileNotFoundException during startup) created by kodyleonard
Unfortunately, none of the compatibility modes on Windows 7 64-bit are …
8:00 AM Ticket #5261 (Override mechanism for hidden user settings) created by yla
Just like in the OS X version there should be a way to override hidden …

Oct 2, 2010:

10:14 PM Changeset [7174] by dkocher
  • trunk/lib/ext/ant-ikvmc.0.5.jar
Add ikvmc ant task. #5260
9:58 PM Ticket #5257 (Crashes with disabled Visual Styles) closed by yla
fixed: Yes, running wyUpdate.exe is an alternative way to update Cyberduck.
8:36 PM Ticket #5260 (svn checkout and build problems on Windows) created by lukas
I'm having some problems related to svn checkouts and building under …
6:54 PM Ticket #5259 (Support for existing putty/pageant) created by lukas
It seems that cyberduck can read putty/pageant ssh keys (ppk format). …
6:29 PM Ticket #5258 (installer does not create shortcuts for all sers) created by lukas
The installer does not create shortcuts and all program entries for …
5:14 PM Changeset [7173] by yla
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/Renderers.cs
Fix #5257.
4:49 PM Ticket #5257 (Crashes with disabled Visual Styles) created by tux
I just downloaded Cyberduck and installed it; and the first thing I …
4:38 PM Changeset [7172] by dkocher
  • trunk/Changelog.txt
  • trunk/www/update/changelog.html
  • trunk/www/update/changelog.txt
4:37 PM Ticket #5256 (I/O Error: Upload failed) created by
Be it creating a new file or saving changes to an old one, If …
4:17 PM Ticket #5255 (Les noms de répertoires et de fichiers n'apparaissent pas dans la ...) created by ddelouis
Bonjour, Quand je me connecte sur n'importe quel compte ftp non …
3:06 PM Changeset [7171] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/gdocs/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/gstorage/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/http/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/s3/
3:05 PM Changeset [7170] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/s3/
Add support for NTLM proxy with S3.
2:55 PM Changeset [7169] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/cocoa/delegate/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/cocoa/delegate/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/cocoa/model/
2:42 PM Changeset [7168] by yla
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/azure/
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/s3/
Addendum to r7166.
1:29 PM Changeset [7167] by yla
  • trunk/img/search-inactive.png
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/Cyberduck.csproj
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/BrowserForm.Designer.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/BrowserForm.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/BrowserForm.resx
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/LoginForm.Designer.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/controls/SearchTextBox.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/controls/SearchTextBox2.Designer.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/controls/SearchTextBox2.cs
Replace searchTextBox with an XP-compatible one.
9:36 AM Ticket #5239 (Proxy connection failure) closed by dkocher
fixed: In r7166.
9:36 AM Changeset [7166] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/http/
Fix #5239.
7:47 AM Ticket #5250 (Synchronisierung zwischen Online-Festplatte und lokaler HD arbeitet ...) closed by dkocher
worksforme: Please try the latest snapshot build from …
7:45 AM Ticket #5249 (Transfer files between two different systems) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Duplicate for #21.
7:38 AM Ticket #5254 (new version doesn't let me move files) closed by dkocher
duplicate: This will be fixed when #21 is resolved.
7:37 AM Ticket #5252 (Google storage sharing problem) closed by dkocher
fixed: This issue is fixed in the latest snapshot build available from …
3:03 AM Ticket #5254 (new version doesn't let me move files) created by vittle
Hello, Before I updated my version of cyberduck on my Mac, I was able …
2:25 AM Ticket #5253 (Open URL has wrong path) created by slurslee
When I right-click a file and select Open URL from the contextual …
1:04 AM Ticket #5252 (Google storage sharing problem) created by
I am testing the extremely cool feature added to Cyberduck starting …
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