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Mar 16, 2011:

9:19 PM Ticket #5783 (Upload fails) closed by dkocher
9:18 PM Ticket #5789 (ftp connection refused) closed by dkocher
3:38 PM Ticket #5790 (Drag and drop file on dock icon) created by balereau
If I drop a file on Cyberduck Dock icon while the app. in NOT already …
2:01 PM Ticket #5789 (ftp connection refused) created by johnnybonsax
hi, I have tried to connect to our website at, but …
9:30 AM Changeset [8567] by dkocher
  • trunk/ca.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/cs.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/cy.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/da.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/de.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/el.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/en.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/es.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/fi.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/fr.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/he.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/hu.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/id.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/it.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/ja.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/ka.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/ko.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/lv.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/nl.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/no.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/pl.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/pt_BR.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/pt_PT.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/ro.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/ru.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/sk.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/sl.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/sr.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/sv.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/th.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/tr.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/uk.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/zh_CN.lproj/Error.strings
  • trunk/zh_TW.lproj/Error.strings
Add timestamp update failure
9:27 AM Ticket #5760 (Verification of remote IP for data socket) closed by dkocher
fixed: Disable data socket IP address match verification by default in r8566.
9:26 AM Ticket #5760 (Verification of remote IP for data socket) reopened by dkocher
9:26 AM Changeset [8566] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/
Interoperability for #5760. Disable data socket IP address match by …

Mar 15, 2011:

11:14 PM Ticket #5754 (Replace password for private key fails) reopened by Danny Glue
When quitting Cyberduck, this message is logged: […]
10:52 PM Ticket #5788 (Windows enabled with "Hide extensions" cannot upload files with File ...) created by davidfox
I am on Windows 7 now but I think this feature existed on past Windows …
9:16 PM Ticket #5713 (Transfer do not complete for larger files (1GB)) reopened by lee.norman@…
9:00 PM Ticket #5713 (Transfer do not complete for larger files (1GB)) closed by dkocher
8:55 PM Ticket #5784 (FTP upload complete, but 0 MB to download) closed by dkocher
8:54 PM Ticket #5720 (Improve transfer rate for many files) closed by dkocher
duplicate: I only see #1135 as a possible resolution.
8:53 PM Ticket #5693 (Open multiple files in split window with MacVim) closed by dkocher
thirdparty: We are calling MacVim using ODB. Please file an enhancement request …
8:51 PM help/en/howto/ftp edited by dkocher
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8:28 PM Ticket #5735 (Swift authentication fails for installations using "swauth") closed by dkocher
wontfix: I want the developers of Swift to provide a mean to remap or …
8:26 PM Ticket #5776 (Version 4.0.1 Upload shows successful, then shows 0mb) closed by dkocher
duplicate: Can you try the latest …
8:07 PM Ticket #5786 (Help Please!) closed by dkocher
7:37 PM Ticket #5787 (copied http url is incorrect) closed by dkocher
worksforme: Please [
7:11 PM Ticket #5787 (copied http url is incorrect) created by durf786
The site address is entered twice. Example: COPIED: …
6:52 PM Ticket #5786 (Help Please!) created by cenzo
Hi there, It's saying that my account has been disabled Is there any …
4:58 PM Ticket #5785 (Wrong timestamp when uploading to remote server) created by finofontana
When syncing my Mac with my remote server (a Synology NAS) using …
2:15 PM help/en/howto/cloudfront edited by dkocher
10:45 AM Ticket #2944 (No transcript for SFTP/SCP connections) closed by dkocher
fixed: In r8565.
10:44 AM Changeset [8565] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/sftp/
  • trunk/source/ch/ethz/ssh2/sftp/
  • trunk/source/ch/ethz/ssh2/sftp/
  • trunk/source/ch/ethz/ssh2/sftp/
Fix #2944.
10:07 AM Ticket #5784 (FTP upload complete, but 0 MB to download) created by bartk
Hi, I've just updated Cyberduck to 4.0.1 (8510) on Mac OSX 10.6.6 …
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7:11 AM help/en/howto/transfer edited by dkocher
7:10 AM help/en/howto/browser edited by dkocher
6:53 AM Ticket #5779 (SSH Error - permission denied) closed by dkocher
thirdparty: I suppose it its not related to the update. Please contact your …
2:05 AM Ticket #5783 (Upload fails) created by rsteinert
Uploads to my Rackspace Cloud account are failing with the message …
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