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Jun 8, 2011:

4:38 PM Ticket #5999 (Provide breadcrumbs to navigate path in browser) created by klonos
Another WinSCP-using newcomer suggestion. Most of Windows (7/Vista) …
4:28 PM Ticket #5998 (Tabbed user interface) created by klonos
Tabbed user interface for active connections.
4:26 PM Ticket #5995 (List folders first, files after by default) reopened by klonos
...right. Then I am changing this issue's scope. The new goal is to …
10:47 AM Ticket #5997 (WebDAV Verbindungsproblem) created by srt10coupe
Seid der neuen WebDAV "Implementation" im neuen Meilenstein: 4.1 …
8:42 AM Changeset [8768] by dkocher
  • trunk/lib/commons-net-ftp-3.0.1.jar
Update to release
6:50 AM Changeset [8767] by dkocher
  • trunk/Info.plist
  • trunk/Info.plist.debug
  • trunk/lib/jna-3.2.7.jar
  • trunk/lib/jna-3.3.0.jar
Update JNA dependency
5:43 AM Ticket #5995 (List folders first, files after by default) closed by dkocher
worksforme: Click the Filename column to sort alphabetically and then the …
12:33 AM Ticket #5996 (Allow rename command to be initiated by hitting F2 (in Windows at least)) closed by klonos
...stupid me. This already works. Sorry, my bad :/

Jun 7, 2011:

10:44 PM Ticket #5996 (Allow rename command to be initiated by hitting F2 (in Windows at least)) created by klonos
Issue title is self explanatory I believe. Thanx beforehand for …
10:21 PM Ticket #5995 (List folders first, files after by default) created by klonos
Issue summary is self explanatory.
9:57 AM Changeset [8766] by dkocher
  • trunk/build-mac.xml
9:49 AM Ticket #5993 (I/O Error: Connection failed. Truncated server reply:) closed by dkocher
thirdparty: Networking issue between your computer and the server.
9:36 AM Ticket #5768 (No bookmark selection when dragging to Dock with only one browser ...) closed by dkocher
fixed: In r8571.
9:12 AM Ticket #5987 (Bookmark with public key still prompts for password) closed by dkocher
fixed: Thanks for the patch. In r8765.
9:12 AM Changeset [8765] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/
Fix #5987.
9:01 AM Changeset [8764] by dkocher
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/core/s3/
7:35 AM Changeset [8763] by yla
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/IInfoView.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/InfoController.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/InfoForm.Designer.cs
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/winforms/InfoForm.cs
Add Bucket-/DistributionLogging target option.
7:33 AM Changeset [8762] by yla
  • trunk/source/ch/cyberduck/ui/controller/LoginController.cs
7:29 AM Ticket #5994 (Few character encoding options) created by Uryossa
Encoding options of Windows version are less than Mac version.
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