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Feb 7, 2019:

11:02 PM Ticket #10602 (Disconnect button no longer functional) created by ninjit
I just upgraded from 6.8.2 to 6.9.0, and the disconnect button in the …
6:39 PM Ticket #10601 (Change permissions for files uploaded to S3) created by mmChris
Adding a read-only permission for everyone doesn't work. After adding …
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11:09 AM Changeset [46301] by dkocher
  • shelves/05.02.2019
  • shelves/05.02.2019/core/src/main/java/ch/cyberduck/core/worker/
  • shelves/05.02.2019/core/src/main/java/ch/cyberduck/core/worker/
  • shelves/05.02.2019/core/src/main/java/ch/cyberduck/core/worker/
  • shelves/05.02.2019/core/src/main/java/ch/cyberduck/core/worker/
  • shelves/05.02.2019/core/src/main/java/ch/cyberduck/core/worker/
Update cached properties in writers as the readers skip querying …
11:09 AM Changeset [46300] by automerge
  • shelves/02.2019
  • trunk
  • trunk/core/src/main/java/ch/cyberduck/core/preferences/
Merge pull request #1574 in ITERATE/cyberduck from bugfix/MD-6868 to …
11:08 AM Changeset [46299] by dkocher
  • shelves/02.2019
  • shelves/02.2019/core/src/main/java/ch/cyberduck/core/preferences/
Add --login option to executed shell for "Open in Terminal" feature.
11:08 AM Changeset [46298] by yla
  • trunk
Merge pull request #1575 in ITERATE/cyberduck from bugfix/SDS-512 to …

Feb 6, 2019:

10:12 PM Ticket #10600 (Invalid version id specified error for download) created by cduser
I am getting the following error when Downloading certain files from …
10:06 PM Changeset [46297] by yla
  • trunk
  • trunk/cryptomator/src/main/java/ch/cyberduck/core/cryptomator/impl/
Review cache.
9:59 PM Changeset [46296] by yla
  • trunk
  • trunk/cryptomator/src/main/java/ch/cyberduck/core/cryptomator/features/
  • trunk/cryptomator/src/main/java/ch/cyberduck/core/cryptomator/impl/
Invalidate cached metadata mapping when deleting file.
4:42 PM Changeset [46295] by yla
  • trunk
  • trunk/webdav/src/test/java/ch/cyberduck/core/cryptomator/
Add failing test.
12:17 PM Ticket #10599 (Not transfering files) created by stp42
Hi! my cyberduck started to have an issue with copying files to …
11:37 AM Ticket #10598 (Interoperability with Apache Sling) created by dazzzy1
Hi, some of our customers use Cyberduck to mount a WebDav server that …
11:26 AM Ticket #10597 (Synchronize gets stuck at "Apply upload filter" for FTP) created by alanl8
When clicking the Synchronize button (for an FTP account), then …
8:09 AM Ticket #10596 (AWS GovCloud S3: Failure to read attributes of <bucket>) closed by dkocher
fixed: Additional fix in r46294.
8:08 AM Changeset [46294] by dkocher
  • trunk
  • trunk/s3/src/main/java/ch/cyberduck/core/s3/
Disable transfer acceleration for AWS GovCloud. Amazon S3 Transfer …
6:27 AM Ticket #10582 (Retrieve default access key from standard AWS SDK credentials for ...) closed by yla
fixed: Fixed in r46292.
6:22 AM Changeset [46293] by automerge
  • trunk
Merge pull request #1572 in ITERATE/cyberduck from feature/TRAC-10582 …
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