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Wiki markup is a core feature in Trac, tightly integrating all the other parts of Trac into a flexible and powerful whole.

Trac has a built in small and powerful wiki rendering engine. This wiki engine implements an ever growing subset of the commands from other popular Wikis, especially MoinMoin.

This page demonstrates the formatting syntax available anywhere WikiFormatting is allowed.

Font Styles

The Trac wiki supports the following font styles:

 * '''bold'''
 * ''italic''
 * '''''bold italic'''''
 * __underline__
 * {{{monospace}}} or `monospace`
 * ~~strike-through~~
 * ^superscript^ 
 * ,,subscript,,


  • bold
  • italic
  • bold italic
  • underline
  • monospace or monospace
  • strike-through
  • superscript
  • subscript

Note that the {{{...}}} and `...` commands not only select a monospace font, but also treat their content as verbatim text, meaning that no further wiki processing is done on this text.


You can create heading by starting a line with one up to five equal characters ("=") followed by a single space and the headline text. The line should end with a space followed by the same number of = characters.


= Heading =
== Subheading ==
=== About ''this'' ===




About this


A new text paragraph is created whenever two blocks of text are separated by one or more empty lines.

A forced line break can also be inserted, using:

Line 1[[BR]]Line 2


Line 1
Line 2


The wiki supports both ordered/numbered and unordered lists.


 * Item 1
   * Item 1.1
 * Item 2

 1. Item 1
   1. Item 1.1
 1. Item 2


  • Item 1
    • Item 1.1
  • Item 2
  1. Item 1
    1. Item 1.1
  2. Item 2

Note that there must be one or more spaces preceding the list item markers, otherwise the list will be treated as a normal paragraph.

Definition Lists

The wiki also supports definition lists.


   some kind of mammal, with hair
   some kind of reptile, without hair
   (can you spot the typo?)


some kind of mammal, with hair
some kind of reptile, without hair (can you spot the typo?)

Note that you need a space in front of the defined term.

Preformatted Text

Block containing preformatted text are suitable for source code snippets, notes and examples. Use three curly braces wrapped around the text to define a block quote. The curly braces need to be on a separate line. Example:

  def HelloWorld():
      print "Hello World"


 def HelloWorld():
     print "Hello World"


In order to mark a paragraph as blockquote, indent that paragraph with two spaces.


  This text is a quote from someone else.


This text is a quote from someone else.


Simple tables can be created like this:

||Cell 1||Cell 2||Cell 3||
||Cell 4||Cell 5||Cell 6||


Cell 1Cell 2Cell 3
Cell 4Cell 5Cell 6

Note that more complex tables can be created using reStructuredText.

Hyperlinks are automatically created for WikiPageNames and URLs. WikiPageLinks can be disabled by prepending an exclamation mark "!" character, such as !WikiPageLink.


 TitleIndex,, !NotAlink


TitleIndex,, NotAlink

Links can be given a more descriptive title by writing the link followed by a space and a title and all this inside square brackets. If the descriptive title is omitted, then the explicit prefix is disguarded, unless the link is an external link. This can be useful for wiki pages not adhering to the WikiPageNames convention.


 * [ Edgewall Software]
 * [wiki:TitleIndex Title Index]
 * [wiki:ISO9000]


Wiki pages can link directly to other parts of the Trac system. Pages can refer to tickets, reports, changesets, milestones, source files and other Wiki pages using the following notations:

 * Tickets: #1 or ticket:1
 * Reports: {1} or report:1
 * Changesets: r1, [1] or changeset:1
 * Revision Logs: r1:3, [1:3] or log:branches/0.8-stable#1:3
 * Wiki pages: CamelCase or wiki:CamelCase
 * Milestones: milestone:1.0 or milestone:"End-of-days Release"
 * Files: source:trunk/COPYING
 * Attachments: attachment:"file name.doc"
 * A specific file revision: source:/trunk/COPYING#200
 * A filename with embedded space: source:"/trunk/README FIRST"


See TracLinks for more in-depth information.

Escaping Links and WikiPageNames

You may avoid making hyperlinks out of TracLinks by preceding an expression with a single "!" (exclamation mark).


 !#42 is not a link


NoHyperLink #42 is not a link


Urls ending with .png, .gif or .jpg are automatically interpreted as image links, and converted to <img> tags.



However, this doesn't give much control over the display mode. This way of inserting images is deprecated in favor of the more powerful Image macro (see WikiMacros).


Macros are custom functions to insert dynamic content in a page.





See WikiMacros for more information, and a list of installed macros.


Trac supports alternative markup formats using WikiProcessors. For example, processors are used to write pages in reStructuredText or HTML.

Example 1:

<pre class="wiki">{{{ #!html <h1 style="text-align: right; color: blue">HTML Test</h1> }}}</pre>


<h1 style="text-align: right; color: blue">HTML Test</h1>


<pre class="wiki">{{{ #!python class Test: def __init__(self): print "Hello World" if __name__ == '__main__': Test() }}}</pre>


class Test:
    def __init__(self):
        print "Hello World"
if __name__ == '__main__':


my ($test) = 0;
if ($test > 0) {
echo "hello";

See WikiProcessors for more information.


Four or more dashes will be replaced by a horizontal line (<HR>)




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