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B2 Cloud Storage. Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage works similar to Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure, allowing you to store unlimited data in the cloud. But does it for 1/4th the cost.


Version 4.9 or later required.

Connecting to Backblaze B2

Obtain the login credentials Account ID and Application Key from To obtain these - login to your account and click the Show Account ID and Application Key button on your Buckets screen.

From there you'll see your Account ID and Application Key. If you Application Key is not visible, clicking the Create Application Key button will invalidate the current Application Key and display a new one. Enter the Account ID where it says Username and Application Key where it says Password in the login prompt.

Once you have your credentials, choose B2 Cloud Storage from the list of protocols when editing a bookmark or use the b2:// scheme when using the CLI.


Creating Buckets

Choose File → New Folder to create a new bucket in the root of the browser. Bucket names must be at least 6 characters long and only include alphanumeric characters or '-'.

File Versioning

You can view all revisions of a file in the browser by choosing View → Show Hidden Files.

Large File Uploads

Files larger than 200MB are split into 100MB chunks and uploaded with multiple connections. The number of connections used can be limited using the toggle in the lower right of the transfer window.

Large uploads can be resumed when interrupted.

Edit Bucket Type

New buckets are private by default, meaning that you need a bucket authorization token to download the files. You can allow public access to files by opening the ACL tab in the ''Info'' panel and choose Everyone → Read.

Retries for failed file transfers

The number of times a retry attempt is made upon a failure such as 503 Service Unavailable depends on the setting in Preferences → Connection → Repeat failed networking tasks → Number of retries.

Known Limitations

Rename and move files

Not supported.


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