Cyberduck Mountain Duck CLI

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Cyberduck Help / Bookmarks

Adding new bookmarks

Select View → Show Bookmark Drawer. Click the plus button to add the host connected to in this browser window to the Bookmarks. An editor window will open where you can further adjust the bookmark properties (i.e. nickname).


You can also drag the proxy icon in the browser window title bar to the bookmark drawer or to the


Editing bookmarks

Select Bookmark → Edit Bookmark. A panel where you can edit the bookmark's properties will appear. Although, expect that most the time this option is dimmed, and does not work.


Exporting bookmarks

Drag the bookmark from the Bookmark Drawer anywhere to the (e.g. the Desktop). You can double click the document in the to open a new connection to the server specified in the bookmark.


Importing bookmarks

Just drag the bookmark file from the to the Bookmark drawer.


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