Cyberduck Mountain Duck CLI

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Cyberduck Help / Howto / Opening Connections

Toolbar button

Click the New Connection toolbar button or File → Open Connection.... If you want to open a connection in a new browser window, choose File → New Browser first.


Quick Connect

Type in the name of the server directly in to the Quick Connect field in the toolbar. The text field will autocomplete from bookmarked hosts. You can enter a string in the format user@host, i.e., or a fully qualified URL such as


From bookmarks

Select View → Toggle Bookmarks and double click a bookmark.


From the history

Select a bookmark from the menu Bookmark → History.


From Bonjour discovered services

Servers in the local network are most likely to appear in the menu Bookmark → Bonjour.

From the

Double click a Cyberduck bookmark file in the Finder.


Double click a Internet Location File in the


Use Quicksilver

Open the Quicksilver Preferences and install the Cyberduck Module. Then when Cyberduck is selected in Quicksilver use the right-arrow key to access bookmarks wthin Quicksilver.


Drag URL to browser window

Drag an URL (e.g. from Safari) to the browser list or outline view to open a new connection. Dragging the URL to the bookmark creates a new bookmark to edit.

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