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Cyberduck Help / Howto / Opening Connections

Toolbar button

Click the New Connection toolbar button or File → Open Connection.... If you want to open a connection in a new browser window, choose File → New Browser first.


Supported protocols are:

Quick Connect

Type in the name of the server directly in to the Quick Connect field in the toolbar. The text field will autocomplete from bookmarked hosts. You can enter a string in the format user@host, i.e., or a fully qualified URL such as


If you enter just the hostname, the default protocol as configured in Preferences → General → Connection will be used.

From bookmarks

Select View → Toggle Bookmarks and double click a bookmark.


If you want to bookmark a connection already open, choose Bookmark → New Bookmark and it will add a new bookmark with the current connection settings.

From the history

Select a bookmark from the menu Bookmark → History.


From Bonjour discovered services

Servers in the local network are most likely to appear in the menu Bookmark → Bonjour.

From the

Double click a Cyberduck bookmark file in the Finder.


Double click a Internet Location File in the Cyberduck must be configured as the default protocol handler for the given protocol of the URL.


Use Quicksilver

Quicksilver is a launcher application. Open the Quicksilver Preferences and install the Cyberduck Module. Then when Cyberduck is selected in Quicksilver use the right-arrow key to access bookmarks wthin Quicksilver.


Use Spotlight

Drag URL to browser window

  • Drag an URL (e.g. from Safari) to the browser list or outline view to open a new connection.
  • Drag an URL to the bookmarks to create a new bookmark.

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