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Quick Reference Cheat Sheet

Download the Cyberduck Quick Reference PDF.

Opening Connections

FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, OpenStack Swift, Google Storage & Amazon S3 and many more protocols are supported. There are several options to open a connection depending on the workflow.


Browse remote files in a list or hierarchical outline view.

  • Info Window
    Edit access permissions and configure CDN options
  • QuickLook
    Preview files in the browser window
  • Open Web URL
    Configuration steps to open HTTP URL of selected file.
  • Create and expand ZIP/TAR Archives
  • Send custom commands
    Send commands to a server not available in the graphical user interface.
  • Activity
    The activity window shows a list of all pending background tasks.

Edit Files

Editing files on the server using an external editor.

Share Files

Share files with others using signed or temporary URLs.


Create and edit bookmarks for your favorite servers.

File Transfers

  • General information about transfers.
  • Download files and folders to your computer.
  • Upload files and folders to a server.
  • Synchronize folders between your computer and a server.
  • Copy files and folders between servers.

Content Distribution (CDN)




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