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Cyberduck Help / Howto / WebDAV

You can connect to any WebDAV compliant server using both HTTP and HTTP/SSL with either Basic or Digest Authentication.

Connecting to MobileMe iDisk

  • Using Quick Connect from the toolbar, type in to connect to your account.
  • If you want to connect from a bookmark or using the Open Connection... dialog, select WebDAV (HTTP/SSL) for the protocol and enter /membername for the Path in the More Options section.

Also refer to this Apple Support document.

New in 3.1: Choose MobileMe iDisk as the connection type which prefills the configuration from your settings in the Mobile Me configuration panel in the System Preferences.

Connecting to GMX Mediacenter

  • Select WebDAV (HTTP/SSL) for the protocol.
  • Enter for the hostname.
  • Enter your GMX Kundenummer for the username.

Connecting to Joyent BingoDisk

  • Select WebDAV (HTTP/SSL) for the protocol.
  • Enter for the hostname.
  • Enter /bingo for the custom path in the bookmark or connection settings.

NTLM Authentication for Microsoft SharePoint

If you need to set the domain you can do this using a hidden configuration option.

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck webdav.ntlm.domain MYDOMAIN

Accessing Subversion (SVN) Repositories

You can access publicly readable Subversion (SVN) repositories running behind mod_dav_svn of Apache httpd using anonymous WebDAV (HTTP) access with Cyberduck. For example the Cyberduck Source Code Repository.

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