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Cyberduck Help / Howto / WebDAV

You can connect to any WebDAV compliant server using both HTTP and HTTP/SSL.

Authentication Methods

Both HTTP Basic Authentication and Digest Authentication are supported.

NTLM Authentication for Microsoft SharePoint

If you need to set the domain and workstation you can do this using a hidden configuration option.

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck webdav.ntlm.workstation MYWORKSTATION
defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck webdav.ntlm.domain MYDOMAIN

Accessing Subversion (SVN) Repositories

You can access publicly readable Subversion (SVN) repositories running behind mod_dav_svn of Apache httpd using anonymous WebDAV (HTTP) access with Cyberduck. For example the Cyberduck Source Code Repository.

SSL/TLS support

Choose WebDAV (HTTP/SSL) as the connection protocol to secure the connection using SSL.

Trust Certificate

If the SSL certificate is not trusted by the system, you are asked to make an exception if you still want to connect to the site that cannot be verified. This failure during certificate trust verification is most often the case when the certificate is invalid either

  • Because the hostname does not match the common name in the certificate. You will get the error message You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be….
  • The certificate is self signed or signed by a root authority not trusted in the system.

You can temporarily or permanently allow to connect nevertheless by choosing Continue. To remember your choice, select Always Trust….


You can edit custom properties using File → Info → Metadata.

Distribution (CDN)

You can enable custom origin Amazon CloudFront (Content Delivery Network) distribution using File → Info → Distribution (CDN).

Settings specific to service providers

Connecting to MobileMe iDisk

Choose MobileMe iDisk as the connection protocol. The bookmarks will be cofigured with your settings in the Mobile Me configuration panel in the System Preferences.

If your account has expired and needs payment, the following error is returned when attempting to connect:

Connecting to GMX Mediacenter

Paste into the server field or

  • Select WebDAV (HTTP/SSL) for the protocol.
  • Enter for the server.
  • Enter your GMX Kundenummer for the username.

Connecting to Box

Paste into the server field or

  • Select WebDAV (HTTP/SSL) for the protocol.
  • Enter for the server.
  • Enter your email address for the username.
  • Enter /dav for the custom path in the bookmark or connection settings.

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