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Cyberduck Help / Howto / Download

See also Transfers in general.

Double click.

Double click a file in the browser window to download to the default download location as configured in Cyberduck → Preferences → Transfers.

Download using drag and drop.

Drag the files or folders to the desired download location in the


Toolbar button.

Customize the browser toolbar using menu View → Customize Toolbar... to add the Download toolbar button to the default configuration.


The download menu.

Select File → Download or right-click the file in the browser to select Download in the context menu.

How do I queue a file to be downloaded later?

Drag the file from the browser to the Transfer window.


Excluded files and folders

Files and folders matching the regular expression in Preferences → Preferences → Advanced will be excluded. The default pattern excludes metadata files from common revision control software.


See also Preferences.


Downloaded files are flagged with the attribute. The attributes associate basic information with the file, such as its type, when it was received, and the URL from which it came. When the Finder or any other program uses Launch Services to open a quarantined file, Launch Services inspects the file to see if it appears to be an application, script, or other executable file type. If so, the system displays an alert informing the user that the file is an application and asking for confirmation that it should be executed. The alert lets the user open the URL from which the file was downloaded, launch the program, or cancel. If the user proceeds to open the file, Launch Services removes the quarantine attributes from that file.

See Hidden Configuration Options to disable this feature.

Where From

Downloaded files have added metadata of its origin URL. displays this information in File → Get Info.