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Cyberduck Help / Howto / Dropbox

Access your Dropbox (Referral Link) without syncing to your computer. You need to download the connection profile for Dropbox and then double-click the file to add it to the dropdown list of protocols in the bookmark and connection windows.

If you want to see an easier setup, please write to and request them to enhance their API support for desktop applications. The future of the API for desktop applications giving you access to your Dropox is uncertain.

Connecting to Dropbox

Download the Dropbox Connection Profile to enable Dropbox support.

You must currently obtain your own app keys (Consumer Key and Consumer Secret) from the Dropbox Developer page. (If you have not already created a Dropbox app, you will be asked to create one in order to generate a pair of keys.)

The first time you connect to your Dropbox account, you will need to enter your usual e-mail address / password combination in the first dialog box, and then your app key pair in the second dialog box.


  • Cannot open URL of selected file with web browser.
  • There's a 300MB limit to all single uploads through the Dropbox webservers, which includes API uploads. Users looking to upload files larger than 300MB will have to do so through the Dropbox desktop application.
  • Only one Dropbox API key and secret will be saved - using multiple accounts means entering the key and secret each time.


Please report any incompatibilities you encounter and provide feedback.

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