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Cyberduck Help / Howto / Dropbox

Access your Dropbox without syncing to your computer.

Connecting to Dropbox

Enter your email address registered with Dropbox for Username in the connection settings. You will be asked to link Cyberduck to your Dropbox account on your first connection attempt.

Login to Dropbox and paste the authorization code obtained to the login prompt.

OAuth Reset

If you have accidentally logged in with the wrong Dropbox Account or want to change the login of the Dropbox bookmark you can reset the OAuth token by deleting the entries related to https://Dropbox (user) out of the Windows Credential Manager or on macOS out of Keychain.

You can search recursively for files fast without browsing folders first.

Share temporary URL

You can share a temporary URL to provide access to a document in your Dropbox from Edit → Copy URL→ Signed URL.


Please report any incompatibilities you encounter and provide feedback.

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