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How to edit a file in a external editor.

You can edit a file just as a local file by clicking the Edit toolbar button or by choosing File → Open in Editor. The file will be downloaded to the user's temporary directory and opened with the preferred editor. (Supported editors include SubEthaEdit, BBEdit, TextWrangler, TextMate, Text-Edit Plus and others). Set your preferred editor in Cyberduck → Preferences. The file will be uploaded to the server everytime you choose File → Save in the Editor application. The file is not changed on the server if you just close the document without saving.


How to change just the filename.

Select the file in the browser and press the return or enter key. Type the new name and press return again to exit the editing mode. You can also rename files by choosing File → Info or press the Get Info toolbar button. Simply enter the new name in the very top field. The field must loose focus (e.g. by hitting Enter or Tab) to commit the filename change.


How to change the permissions on a particular file?

Select the file in the browser and choose File → Info. You can also select multiple files at once. Make sure to click the Apply button to commit the changes.


Can I move or duplicate files on a remote host?

You can move files in the browser as you would in the Use the alt modifier key to duplicate files.


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