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Cyberduck Help / Howto / Eucalyptus Walrus Support

Eucalyptus Walrus is an open source implementation of S3. To enable support for Eucalyptus in Cyberduck, you must first enable it using the hidden configuration option defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck protocol.s3.eucalyptus.enable true.


Choose Eucalyptus Walrus S3 from the protocol dropdown menu in the Open Connection or Bookmark settings and enter the hostname of your installation. Refer to S3 in general.

The only difference to regular S3 is that the storage path (endpoint) is assumed to be /services/Walrus instead of /.


  • No content distribution (CDN) configuration.
  • No bucket logging configuration.
  • No bucket location support.
  • Storage class options are not available.

Please report any incompatibilities you encounter and provide feedback if you have a Eucalyptus installation.

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