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Cyberduck Help / Howto / FTP & FTP-TLS

FTP Connect Mode

Choose between an Active (PORT) or Passive (PASV) connect mode per bookmark or when opening a new connection. The default setting can be set in the System Preferences in NetworkAdvanced...ProxiesUse Passive FTP Mode (PASV).

Character Encoding

The character encoding used to parse directory listings can be set as a per bookmark setting. See problems?.

TLS Connections (FTPS)

Explicit TLS is supported.

Switch to secure connection

If you attempt to connect to a server using FTP without TLS transport security but the server advertises support for TLS (as a response to FEAT), a prompt is displayed to secure the connection.

Disable SSL/TLS X.509 certificate trust validation

If you have problems with the Keychain trust settings, you can use the following options to disable verification of certificates. Be aware that this a severely compromising security. This is not a recommended configuration. Before disabling trust verification, try to restart Cyberduck after editing the trust setting.

  • Disable certificate validation for FTP-TLS:
defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck ftp.tls.acceptAnyCertificate true

Server compatibility


  • You need to have the option set TLSOptions NoSessionReuseRequired for FTP-TLS connections. Issue #5087.
  • You need to have the option set TLSOptions AllowClientRenegotiations for FTP-TLS connections. Issue #3012.


It is not possible to change permissions

The error message FTP Error: SITE not understood or similar is displayed. The server does not support this feature (which is an optional extension to the FTP protocol) and can not be used.

Special characters such as Umlaute

If characters aren't displayed correctly in the browser, try to change the character encoding used. See View → Text Encoding. Try UTF-8 (the default), ISO-8859-1 and Windows-1252.

Make file listing parsers whitespace aware

To make the parsers for directory listings aware of whitespace in filenames (leading or trailing), enter. This is already set by default.

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck ftp.parser.whitespaceAware true

To revert the behaviour, set this property to false if you have issues with filenames parsed with a leading whitespace as described in #2895.

Listing directories fails or shows no content

Directory listings are requested using STAT, LIST -a and LIST commands in that order. If a failure is detected (because the server may not support the command), the next option is tried. Because this can be fuzzy logic, it may still be that Cyberduck does not correctly fall back to a supported list command. You may then try to force the use of a given command.

To disable STAT for directory listings, open a window and enter

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck ftp.sendStatListCommand false

To disable LIST -a for directory listings, open a window and enter

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck ftp.sendExtendedListCommand false

To disable MLSD for directory listings, open a window and enter

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck ftp.sendMlsdListCommand false

Restart Cyberduck.


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