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Cyberduck Help / Howto / Google Docs

Connect to your Google Docs account to access all your documents, spreadsheets and presentations.


Refer to the list of supported file formats by Google Docs.

You need a Google Apps Premier Account to upload aribtrary files not supported by any of the Google Docs editor application. You will get an error message titled You do not have permission to perform this operation if you do not own a Google Apps Premier account. Follow these instructions to upgrade your Google account.


Download Formats

Google Docs supports exporting documents in different file formats. Choose the default export format for documents, spreadsheets and presentations downloaded in the Preferences.

Convert to Google Docs format

To edit uploaded files in Google Docs, supported documents must be converted. Choose not to convert documents, if you want to use your account for storage only.

The following document formats can be converted to Google Docs:

  • For spreadsheets: .xls, .xlsx, .ods, .csv, .tsv, .txt, .tsb
  • For documents: .doc, .docx, .html, plain text (.txt), .rtf
  • For presentations: .ppt, .pps

Refer to Uploading and exporting: Uploading any file for more information.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

When the OCR option is enabled, attempt to extract text and create a new document from PNG, JPEG and GIF images uploaded instead of saving the image itself to Google Docs.

Google Apps Accounts

To access the Google Docs storage of your company's Google Apps Account, use your email address connected to your Google Apps account for the username.


  • Upload Size Limit.
  • No transfer rate throttling for uploads.
  • File filtering not applied for uploads.
  • Synchronization is not supported. (Supported as of 3.5.1)
  • Replacing/overwriting or appending a revision to a document is not supported. (Supported as of 3.5.1)

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