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    1 [[redirect(wiki:help/en/howto/googledocs)]]
     3= [wiki:help/en Cyberduck Help] / [wiki:help/en/howto Howto] / Google Drive =
     5Connect to your [ Google Drive] to store plain files.
     7== Uploads ==
     9== Sharing ==
     11You can define access permissions to anyone having a email address registered with Google Docs in ''Info → Permissions → ACL''.  `Read` (view a document)  or `Write` (edit a document) permissions can be granted to :
     12  * ''Email Address''. A user identified with an email address registered with Google.
     13  * ''Google Group Email Address''. To all members of a Google Group.
     14  * ''Google Apps Domain''. To all members of a Google Apps Domain.
     15  * ''Public''. For anonymous users without any authentication.
     17=== Google Apps Accounts ===
     19To access the Google Docs storage of your company's [ Google Apps] Account, use your email address connected to your Google Apps account for the username.
     21=== Google Account with 2-step verification ===
     23Refer to [ Signing in using application-specific passwords] on how to set an application specific password to access Google Drive with 2-step verification enabled for your Google Account.
     25== Limitations ==
     27 * Files from Google Apps (''Docs'', ''Sheets'', ''Slides'') are ignored.
     28 * Documents shared to you that are not part of a collection do not show up in the file listing. Make sure to move the documents shared with you into one of your collections using the ''Organize…'' in Google Docs.
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