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Cyberduck Help / Howto / Google Storage

Google Storage for Developers is a S3 compatible service currently in development and open by invitation only. Support must be enabled first using a hidden configuration option using defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck protocol.gstorage.tls.enable true using the latest snapshot build.

Connecting to Google Storage

You must obtain the login credentials (Access Key and Secret) of your Google Storage Account from the Key Management page. In the login prompt of Cyberduck upon connecting to Google Storage you enter the Access Key for the username and Secret for the password.



You can edit standard HTTP headers add custom HTTP headers to files to store metadata. Choose File → Info → Google Storage to edit headers.

Limitations in comparison to Amazon S3

  • Access Logs are not supported.
  • Storage class options are not available.
  • Torrent URLs are not supported.
  • Temporary signed URLs are not supported.


  • Editing metadata is currently giving service errors.

Please report any incompatibilities you encounter and provide feedback if you have access to the service.