Cyberduck Mountain Duck CLI

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Cyberduck Help / Howto / Info Window

Select the file in the browser and choose File → Info to display detailed information on a file in a tool window.

General Panel

Change filename

Type in the new filename and press Tab to leave the textfield and commit the change.

Calculate folder size

Calculate the size recursively of all contained files.

Permissions Panel

Change the permissions on a particular file or folder

You can also select multiple files in the browser to edit permissions. Click the checkboxes or enter the octal notation. The recursive option will update all files within a folder but will not change the executable bit for files if not already set when recursively updating a directory.

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Distribution Panel

Manage Amazon CloudFront and Rackspace Limelight? distributions.

Cloud Provider (S3/Cloud Files) Panel

Settings specific to the Amazon S3 service.

  • The geographic location of the bucket
  • Publicly accessible URL to the file with a validity of 24 hours.
  • Torrent URL to the file.
  • Cache control (HTTP header) setting
  • Enabling access logs for the bucket
  • Choose storage class (Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS))

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Metadata (HTTP headers)

View and modify metadata attributes of files.

Any non standard HTTP header values are (transparently) prefixed with the following values following the guidelines from the different providers:

  • Values are prefixed with x-amz-meta- for S3.
  • Values are prefixed with X-Object-Meta- for Cloud Files.

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