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    33= [wiki:help/en Cyberduck Help] / [wiki:help/en/howto Howto] / KeyCDN =
    5  The real-time content delivery network built for the future - HTTP/2 ready.
     5[ KeyCDN] is the leading European content delivery network. The CDN already supports HTTP/2 and consists of 24+ points of presence (POPs) around the world. KeyCDN does not charge extra for HTTPS traffic or HTTP requests. The pricing model is transparent and purely pay-as-you-go. No monthly fee. 
     7=== KeyCDN Features ===
     8KeyCDN offers a state-of-the-art features:
     9* Full [ HTTP/2] support for all customers
     10* [ Free Custom SSL based on Let's Encrypt]
     11* [ Raw logs] in real time. 
     12* CDN changes in near-realtime: Any change or update of a KeyCDN zone is globally provisioned within minutes
     13* Free WordPress plugins developed by KeyCDN:   [ CDN Enabler] and [ Cache Enabler]   
     14* File browser for push zones: Any content of y push zone can be browsed within the KeyCDN dashboard.
     16== Content Delivery with a KeyCDN Push Zone ==
     17==== Free Trial Account including $10====
     18KeyCDN offers a free trial account for all Cyberduck users preloaded with $10. The whole feature set of KeyCDN is available during the test phase. Sign up for free [ KeyCDN trial account] including $10 worth 250 GB of traffic.
     21==== Creating a KeyCDN push zone ====
     22A KeyCDN [ push zone] is needed in order to use Cyberduck and upload content to a zone.
     24==== KeyCDN configuration ====
     25Once a KeyCDN push zone has been created. Connect with Cyberduck to your push zone. Enter the following information in the [ bookmark]:
     26 * Protocol: `FTP-SSL (Explicit AUTH TLS`
     27 * Server: ``
     28 * Port: `21`
     29 * Username: The same username as used for the KeyCDN dashboard
     30 * Password: Same as used for the KeyCDN dashboard
     33=== KeyCDN Tools ===
     34KeyCDN offers a wide variety of tools along with the CDN that can be used:
     35* Analyze a website performance with the [ KeyCDN Speed Test]
     36* Locate IPs worldwide with [ IP Location Finder]
     37* Check if a website is ready for HTTP/2 with the [ KeyCDN HTTP/2 Test]
     38* Examine HTTP headers with [ Curl Test]