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Cyberduck Help / Howto / Lunacloud Storage - LCS

Lunacloud is an European pure-play cloud services provider. We focus on delivering reliable, elastic and low cost cloud infrastructure services (IaaS), on which you can run your operating systems and applications or store your data.

The Lunacloud Storage (LCS) is an easy-to-use storage service on the Internet. It works like a virtual disk that you can access anytime, anywhere. With unlimited size, highly scalable and redundant! You can store and retrieve any number and size of files (objects) in/from your personal folders (buckets).

It includes an easy-to-use Control Panel accessible via a browser. It also provides an S3-compatible API so that you can connect your or third-party applications easily.

You can keep your data private or create public URLs to share any file.


  • Download the Lunacloud Storage Connection Profile for preconfigured settings.

LunaCloud Disk

Alternatively, use for the hostname in Open Connection or Bookmark settings with a S3 protocol selection.

To sign in you need to use your Lunacloud API Keys where Access Key as the Username and your Secret Key as the Password. You can find your key pairs in Cloud Storage → Credentials section in the Control Panel.


  • No bucket logging configuration (Statistics and graphs will be available in the Lunacloud Control Panel)
  • No content distribution (CDN) configuration

Please report any incompatibilities you encounter and provide feedback if you are a customer of Lunacloud. Lunacloud Storage service specific support tickets can be sent by e-mail or through the Lunacloud Control Panel.

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