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     25== Memstore as CDN ==
     27A CDN is a Content Delivery Network and is a secondary location in the cloud where you can store and serve static content for your site. This content can be files such as images, movies, pdf's etc. This will reduce the bandwidth and needed server resources from your primary web server.
     29In order to make a Memstore container publicly available so you can serve files from it you just need to follow these instructions:
     31Creating a CDN Enabled Container
     33   * Login into your Memset account. You can log into your Memset account [ here].
     35   * Click on your Memstore instance(s) in "Your Services" section. Select the Memstore instance you want to use by clicking on "Manage" on it's line.
     37   * Click on "CDN Control" in "Storage Tools".
     39   * In the CDN Control you can see all the containers and their CDN properties. Click on "Manage" for the container you want to use to serve your files.
     41   * Check the box labled"Enable CDN" and then click on "Update".
     43   * At this point your container is CDN enabled which means that all the contents is now public.
     45You can access now access the selected container using the displayed CDN URL. Alternatively, you can add a CNAME entry in your DNS server to point to that host name. The CNAME that you need to use will be permanently shown at the bottom of that page under the "Using your own domain" heading.