Cyberduck Mountain Duck CLI

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Requires macOS 10.11 or later.


Move the unzipped application bundle Mountain from the Downloads to the /Applications folder on your computer. No admin privileges for installation is required.

Mac App Store

Mountain Duck is installed through the Mac App Store in /Applications. You can always reinstall Mountain Duck on any Mac you own from the Mac App Store in  → App Store… → Purchased.

Login Item

You can choose to open Mountain Duck when you login to your computer. Note that the application will not appear in Login Items of the User & Groups system preference pane. The login item is removed, when you quit the application using Quit Mountain Duck.

Finder Extension

Enable the Mountain Duck Finder Extension in System Preferences → Extensions → Finder by selecting the checkbox. This will enable context menu items for files selected on a mounted volume with options to Reload the folder listing and copy & open URLs of files.


Requires Windows 7 or later.


Download the Mountain Duck Installer.exe with administrator privilege to install Mountain Duck.

MSI ===

Download MSI Installer for corporate environments. Requires prior installation of ​Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2.

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