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File owner reset when saving file (SFTP)


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    5151The `._*` files contain metadata about the file some application write in addition to the file content. On macOS, this metadata can be stored alongside the file on the filesystem, but on remote volumes with no metadata support an auxiliary file is created to contain this information.
     53=== File permissions reset when saving file (SFTP) ===
     54Mountain Duck will forward all permission changes done by Finder or the editing application to the SFTP server. There is a hidden preference to disable the writing of permissions. On macOS, enter in a window
     57defaults write io.mountainduck fs.setattr.chmod false
     60to disable. Make sure to quit Mountain Duck before making the change and then re-open the application.
     62=== File owner reset when saving file (SFTP) ===
     63Some editors save files using an ''Atomic Save'' feature that writes changes to a file to a temporary file later replacing the edited file by renaming the temporary file to the name of the edited file. This works well on local filesystems, where there is support to retain the owner of the file that is different from the editing user using a special [ function call]. This does not work for volumes mounted with Mountain Duck and the file owner will be reset to the default owner for new files created on the server by the logged in user. As a workaround, try to find a setting for the editor to disable the ''Atomic Save'' feature.
    5365== Interoperability ==
    5466We maintain a list of known providers that fail to work with Mountain Duck due to interoperability issues.
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