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Application Preferences


An auto update feature will alert you when a new version is available and self update the application. Choose Preferences → Update → Automatically check for updates. You can also choose to update to snapshot or beta builds.

  • Snapshot builds include the latest changes and are published continuously. These builds are not manually tested.
  • Beta builds are published before a release and include the latest features and have been tested but might not have release quality yet.


You receive no update notification if your user is missing adminstrator permission.

Connection → Mount Location


Volumes are mounted in the Volumes folder is in the application support directory. You can change the default to another folder that is writable. Note: You cannot set it to /Volumes on macOS Mojave (10.14 or later) where the directory is not writable.

The default is set to ~/Library/Group Containers/ Support/duck/Volumes.

Connection → Cache → Enable Cache

Allow to buffer file contents in a temporary location which is only deleted when quitting the application. If unchecked, opened files will not be automatically be available for offline usage when using connect mode Smart Synchronization.

Connection → Locking → Lock Files

Enable to prevent conflicting edits when accessing documents from a shared environment. Refer to File Locking.

Sync → Connect Mode

Change the default synchronization option. You can disable synchronization by default for all bookmarks by switching to Online.

Sync → Index Files

Index files on the server for a mounted connection in the background after connecting to ensure you can browse the all directories when offline.

Sync → Cache Location

Change the location where to store cache files required for offline access. By default the Cache folder is in the application support directory.

Windows You must select NTFS formatted drives with support for NTFS Alternate Data Stream (ADS). FAT, FAT32, exFAT and similar formatted drives are not supported. Network drives may not support alternate data streams as well.

General → Login Item

Reconnect after restarting computer. If you choose Enable Login Item and Save Workspace in Preferences → General and do not manually eject the volume prior reboot it will reconnect after login.


You can disable notification in System Preferences → Notifications on macOS and in Settings → Notifications and Actions on Windows.

Hidden configuration options


Type the defaults command given in a (in /Applications/Utilities) window and restart Mountain Duck.

defaults write io.mountainduck <property> <value>


If not existing yet you need to create the file %AppData%\Cyberduck\ Add the setting as follows:


These settings are shared with Cyberduck.

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