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An auto update feature will alert you when a new version is available and self update the application. Choose Preferences → Update → Automatically check for updates. You can also choose to update to snapshot or beta builds.

  • Snapshot builds include the latest changes and are published continuously. These builds are not manually tested.
  • Beta builds are published before a release and include the latest features and have been tested but might not have release quality yet.


You receive no update notification if your user is missing adminstrator permission.

Connection → Mount Location


Volumes are mounted in the Volumes folder is in the application support directory. You can change the default to another folder that is writable. Note: You cannot set it to /Volumes on macOS Mojave (10.14 or later) where the directory is not writable.

Sync → Connect Mode

Change the default synchronization option. You can disable synchronization by default for all bookmarks by switching to Online.

Sync → Index Files

Index files on the server for a mounted connection in the background after connecting to ensure you can browse the all directories when offline.

Sync → Cache Location

Change the location where to store cache files required for offline access. By default the Cache folder is in the application support directory.

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